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> week one, week two and week three. The sun is out, it's the bank holiday weekend. Life is great. Here are some products to make things even more great.

Powder Picks
Beauty Editor’s top picks of the week
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Welcome back to my Powder Picks column. If you've missed any of my previous ones, how dare you. Only joking - click for week one, week two and week three. The sun is out, it's the bank holiday weekend. Life is great. Here are some products to make things even more great.

Bramley Lavender, Geranium & Petirgrain Hand Wash

Not enough praise is given to the humble hand wash. We use it everyday - many, many times a day - and yet, when was the last time you said ‘gosh this hand wash is brilliant.’? Probably never. I said it this week, about this Bramley one. It smells, quite simply, divine. It’s made in Somerset, which makes me feel very patriotic. And I love nothing better than going to the loo at someone’s house and seeing that, rather than a manky looking bar of soap on the side, they have a chic hand wash with matching hand cream. Now I can be this person, thanks to Bramley.

Sisley Black Rose Skin Infusion Cream

Arguably the most popular range in the Sisley portofolio and with good reason my friends. The mask is like gold nectar for the face. (It isn’t actually gold, it’s actually Powder pink. Which is marvs.) My skin looks and feels so bouncy after using it, that I’m regularly asked for ID when I pop to the shops for an emergency bottle of rosé. The oil is so heavenly; I’d swap my first born for a lifetime supply. And now there’s a day cream. Yes. I now I have the full set – a bit like a skincare version of Pokemon. The cream is excellent for this time of year, because it’s super light, so won’t feel heavy in this heat. It’s actually got this ‘water drop’ texture, which to you and me basically means that when you apply it, it turns into a really watery texture, which is super cooling and makes dry skin very happy. Also, the pot is so pleasing on the eye. Metallic pink? Love it.

Rodial Super Acids X-treme Hangover Mask

It’s the bank holiday weekend, which means that if you need me for anything, you’ll find me in a beer garden somewhere having a lovely time. Every. Single. Day. This ultimately means that my mornings will be slow. I’ll need coffee, fresh air and something to perk my skin up for another day on the sauce. I did some extensive research on this. I typed hangover + facemask into google and this wonderful thing popped up. All in the name of serious journalism, I decided to test drive it. So I went out, got tiddly and then tried it the next morning. You’ll be pleased to know that it works. And really quickly. You leave it on for five minutes (you’ll feel the acids working in that short period of time) and then rather than washing it off with water, you rub at your face and the product comes off in little bobbly bits. Bit grim – I’d recommend doing it over the sink – but you feel like you’re rubbing the hangover off your face.

MAC Steve J & Yoni P Yoni Crush Lipstick

I have no idea who this Korean design duo are - they look rather cool in their pictures - but I’m really glad that they’ve done a collab with Mac, as now I have this brilliant lipstick in my life. It’s described as an orange-red, but I would disagree. It’s more of a raspberry-red and I’ve been wearing non-stop since it landed on my desk. It’s super moisturising and looks great (if I do say so myself). There’s also this amazing lip and cheek palette in the collection, which is equally as fun. They came out yesterday, so get yours now.

Compeed Anti Blister Stick

I have a shoe addiction. I don’t like clothes shopping, because I’m not terribly fond of my body and I’m too bloody lazy to do anything about it. But my feet have been the same size for years and I spend most of my money dressing them up. However, the drawback of new shoes (apart from my diminishing available balance) is the blisters. In the past I’ve waited for them to appear and then whacked a plaster on it. Not. Anymore. This is not a sexy product, but it’s a useful one. It looks a lot like a lipbalm and feels a little bit like one too. You twist up the bullet and then rub the waxy stick over the areas that rub and it prevents any friction. GENIUS. I keep it in my handbag now at all times.

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