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Hello chaps, how are you? We’ve been rather blessed this week with good weather, four days at work and guess what? Now it’s the weekend. Whoop. What better way to spend your days off than with product testing? How about these five?

Dr David Jack new skincare range

You might not know who Dr David Jack is, but let me tell you about him. He’s an extremely good looking Scottish Aesthetic Doctor with so many muscles, that if you visit his Harley Street clinic you won’t know what to do with yourself. He’s softly spoken and so kind that you’ll end up making regular visits, for treatments you don’t even need, just to hang out with him. He’s so clever that he also has a skincare line as well, which recently had a facelift (lol, no pun intended. Dr Jack doesn’t do facelifts.). His products are wonderful. There’s an anti-oxidant serum called ‘Good Morning!’, an SPF day moisturiser aptly named ‘All Day Long’, and an active night serum, which is called, you guessed it, ‘Good Night!’. I swear that as soon as you apply each one, you can feel them working. They’re antioxidant rich and work on protecting your skin from everyday aggressors. Plus they come in these super chic black and white bottles, which at 30ml are great for travel.

Primark Glitter Hair Gel

Every year I go to Glastonbury armed with a gallon of glitter and a rucksack weighed down from all of my sequinned outfits. I take my festival look very seriously. I’m not going this year and I am actually heartbroken. Gutted. I’m going on holiday instead, which I’m sure will be great blah blah blah, but nothing compares to dancing in a field, a can of warm cider in your hand, looking like a unicorn sneezed all over you. If I were going, I would hundy p add these Primark Glitter Hair Gels to my kit. They’ve got a pointed nozzle, which means that you can trace your parting dispensing glitter as you go for that sparkly roots look that’s all over Instagram. Oh and they’re £3. For two colours.

Shaveworks The Cool Fix

Hair removal. What. A. Faff. I have a very liberal approach (it might be something to do with my low pain threshold), but I understand that many of you are passionate about it. And that’s great - your other half probably doesn’t point out the hair in-between your eyebrows or joke that he’s sliced his hand on your leg stubble. I have friends who are regimental with their threading appointments, others that have spent thousands on laser removal for every inch of their body and one brave chum who waxes her arms on the reg. Beauty is pain they say. Not. Anymore. Shaveworks have got this really snazzy product called The Cool Fix. It’s a little tube of cooling liquid, with a rollerball on the end that you can either apply to an area that’s just been waxed (forearms, legs, even the downstairs region) to calm the irritation or onto your brows or upper lip before plucking, to kind of numb it. How great it that?

This Works Mini In Transit No Traces cotton pads

I’ve always really really loved the This Works In Transit No Traces cotton pads – they’re kind to skin and are great at removing all makeup as the first step in a double cleanse. However, despite the fact that they’re part of the ‘In Transit’ range, I haven’t ever taken them in transit anywhere. Why? Because the tub is actually bloody chunky. It doesn’t fit into my super slim Anya Hindmarch in-flight case and if I carry it in my handbag it takes up more space than my iPhone… It’s almost as if This Works broke into my brain and stole my thoughts, for now there is a mini version of them and they are so portable I could put them in my jeans pocket. Very very in transit worthy. 

Janina Instant Whitening Spray

Let’s be honest, everyone is struck down with bad breath now and then. Sometimes you have gum, sometimes you don’t. It always occurs when you want it least – like before a date, an important meeting, or in my case, right before I go to the opticians and the chap testing my eyes has to get right up in my face. That’s why it’s good to prepared. I never remember to buy Tic Tacs, I think I’d look weird if I kept a bottle of mouthwash on me at all times, so instead I’ve added Janina’s Whitening & Cleaning On-The-Go spray into my makeup bag. Every time I go to the loo, I take my spray with me. Once I have obviously washed my hands, I spritz some into my mouth, swill it about, spit and I’m on my way with fresh breath and hopefully whiter teeth. Handy.

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