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Hello my friends, how are you? We’ve made it to week six. How on earth has that happened? Doesn’t time fly when you’re having the most marvellous time? Let's crack on.

Sanctuary Spa Cleanse Purifying Charcoal Bubble Sheet Mask

I, like every other bugger in the world, have been obsessed with sheet masks for the last year or so. I pop one on whilst I paint my toenails, whilst I wait for my fake tan to dry before a wedding and even whilst I finish off a dish for a dinner party, before getting dressed. But recently my enthusiasm for them has run dry. I don’t know what it is? Maybe it’s the fact that I feel like I’ve seen it all. Or that I’m loving a traditional creamy facemask at the mo? Whatever the reason, I wasn’t keen on testing out anymore. But then I was given this one and I couldn’t not give it a go. It comes in two handy parts, making it much easier to put on than others, and as soon as it comes into contact with skin, the oxygen-infusion gets to work and tiny bubbles start to appear. The black mask soon becomes white with foam. I have to be honest, it like of looks like you’re covered in saliva and you start to resemble an animal quite quickly. It’s also rather tickly – a colleague said that she felt like she had popping candy all over her face. This isn’t a mask for glowy skin, this is a deep cleanse - the charcoal absorbs oil and dirt from the skin’s surface, whilst the tiny bubbles dislodge any further grime from your pores. Leave for 10 minutes, then work the remaining product into your skin like a foam cleanser and rinse with warm water. I suddenly quite like sheet masks again.

Jo Malone Poptastic collection by Poppy Delevingne

Can we all take a moment to appreciate how fun these bottles are? They’re covered in confetti for goodness sake. Confetti as we all know is synonymous with fun times. They’re also really cute and dinky, of which I am complete sucker for. Don’t get me wrong, the scents - the existing Orange Blossom and Tuberose Angelica fragrances - are beautiful (has Jo Malone ever created a dud?!), but this collaboration between London’s coolest girl and the famed fragrance house is just too cool not to get excited about. Poppy D’s idea is that you have a light floral fragrance for the day - Orange Blossom in the gold lid - and a spicier scent for night – the black bottled Tuberose Angelica. They’ve already taken pride of place on my perfume tray (yes, that is a thing) and because they’re 50ml, I’ll be taking them on holiday with me next week.

Technic ColourFix Cream Blush & Bronze Palette

Sometimes makeup can be bloody confusing. There are so many different variants of essentially the same thing. Last year one beauty brand launched seven completely different brow products all at the same time and it was difficult to decipher which one I needed. It’s a hard life. Textures are another one of life’s little mysteries. What’s better: powder or cream when doing your face in the morning? A makeup artist recently told me that cream mimics the skin and so looks more natural. Ever since, I’ve bypassed powder and gone straight for cream. So you can imagine my complete and utter joy at discovering this palette. With eight colours to choose from, I can contour, highlight and finish off with a touch of blush. And do you want to know the best bit? It comes in Powder’s Spring Beauty Drawer. (Do you like how I segued that in? Ha!) You get this huge palette, plus 12 other products all for £35. And it’s worth £117. Is that not the beauty bargain of the century? What are you waiting for? Buy it NOW.

Vintner’s Daughter Active Botanical Serum

I first heard about Vintner’s Daughter via Trinny Woodall’s Instagram. Rememeber Trinny, of Trinny and Susanna? If you don’t follow her, then I must insist that you do it right now. She’s possibly my favourite person that I follow. Her beauty and fashion commentary is so hilarious, that I wish I knew her and could hang out with her all day, every day just to listen to her chat. But I digress. Vintner’s Daughter. This product has kind of appeared out of nowhere and is suddenly one of the most talked about. Fellow beauty editors love it, makeup artists keep a bottle of it in their kit and celebrities are banging on about it on social media. It’s even been hailed as the ‘face oil to end all face oils’. Whoof. That’s a big claim. But it’s not far off. It’s a combination of 22 active botanical oils and honestly makes me skin sing. My skin feels bouncier, looks glowier and isn’t as thirsty as it used to. I use it morning and night in place of a serum a couple of times a week. As Trinny says, “It’s the most incredible oil and I’d take it everywhere with me.”

Charles Worthington Colour Enhancer Ultra Violet Shampoo

When I was given this shampoo, I was warned not to leave it in. I’m not entirely sure why it came with that disclaimer, because who on earth leaves their shampoo in their hair? But nevertheless I listened and took note. The reason being that it’s a salon-strength violet toning formula so is heavily, heavily, pigmented. Basically I was being warned that if I left it in I would dye my hair purple. No problem I said, I promise to wash it out. I use silver and purple shampoos all the time and I’m never really sure if I see a difference, but I totally buy into the whole ‘this will make your blonde hair sparkle.’ Oh. My. Goodness. As soon as I unraveled the towel post hair wash, I noticed the change. Whilst it wasn’t exactly sparkling (I really don't think that's even possible...), it did look like I had just had my colour done at the hairdressers. Without the hefty bill at the end. I'm never using another shampoo again.

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