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Hi chaps, welcome back to my weekly roundup of the best beauty products I've trialled this week. I want you to see this as me doing all the testing, so you don't have to. The things that appear on these lists are ones that I truly believe in and love. If I try something and it brings me out in hives, it ain't going on the list. If a fake tan makes me look like an Oompa Loompa, I wont be recommending it to you. If something is so life changing that I literally cannot get enough of it, I will write about it in the hope that it also changes yours...

Dr Dennis Gross Alpha Beta Glow Pad Gradual Glow, £27.50 for 20

There are people around the world who point black refuse to fake tan their faces for fear of pore-blocking spots. To those people I say, “I have found the answer you have all been looking for and it is called Dr Dennis Gross Alpha Beta Glow Pad.” These genius towelettes have got gradual tan in them, that develops in three to four hours, but they’ve also got our trusted AHAs and BHAs in them. This means that whilst you’re swiping them over your face you’re also getting one heck of an exfoliation, meaning no pore will be left at risk of clogging. I tried mine before bed and woke up looking like I’d spent the day before in my garden, with a glass (ok, bottle) of rose and a Jilly Cooper novel. I used one before bed for five days and woke up looking like I’d spent a week on a beach in the Mediterranean with several bottles of rose and three Jilly Cooper novels. And guess what? No spots.

RMS Beauty Luminizer X Quad, £46

RMS Beauty is still relatively unknown in the UK, which is a crying shame, because the products in this line are out of this world fantastic. Superstar makeup artist Rose-Marie Swift, who counts Miranda Kerr and Gisele as her regular clients, set up the brand in 2009. She wanted to create beautiful, organic makeup products, which she did. Just look at this new palette. The new Luminizer X Quad has four stunning cream highlighters that can either be used together or separately to create unrivalled dewiness. When I’m tanned (which is honestly not that often) I’ll use the top right bronze Luminizer Nude, but for everyday I’ll mix the other three and warm them into my skin along my cheekbone.

Clean Beauty ByBi Beauty Detox Dust Purifying Powder Mask, £22

You’re either going to love or hate this product. Not because it isn’t any good, it’s excellent - it’s got activated charcoal and clay in it to draw impurities out of your pores and papaya enzymes and oat flour for a gentle exfoliation. All skin types will love it. The thing that will divide people is that you have to make the facemask yourself. You might have noticed the emerging trend of facemasks packaged up as bottles of powder that you, at home, add water to to create said mask. This is one of those. I myself quite enjoy creating my own.

Fresh Vitamin Nectar Moisture Glow Face Cream, £39

The two things that really bug me about my skin are: dryness and dullness. Sometimes my skin is so dehydrated, that it feels like it’s being stretched across my skull; it’s that tight. At the same time, I sometimes look at myself in the mirror and I’m shocked with how lifeless and flat my complexion is. Zero natural glow. I started using Fresh Vitamin Nectar Vibrancy-Boosting Face Mask and it was like someone had lit a fire behind my epidermis. I was glowing like the Olympic flame. Annoyingly thought, it didn’t really tend to my dryness, so I wrote them a strongly worded email and demanded they bring out a face cream immediately that tackles both my lack of natural glow and moisture. Not really. I think they may have just read my mind, because behold! A moisturiser that boosts hydration levels, whilst at the same time combating tired, lacklustre skin. Huzzah!

YSL Rouge Volupte Shine in No61 Nu Impulsif, £28

The lipstick colours that I wear are red, red and red. I don’t deviate; I am loyal to the primary colour. I have tried other colours, I once went really rouge and wore a plumy purple for about ten minutes. It wasn’t to be. I missed my red too much. So when I was handed this YSL muted pink to test, I rolled my eyes, popped it on my lips and was about to rub it off with the back of my hand in disinterest when I caught my reflection. The colour wasn’t at all like those perky pinks that try to entice me on a regular basis, this was a dusky rose pink the exact colour of lips. It’s wonderfully sheer, so doesn’t look like I’m wearing anything at all, but magically (it’s probably because it’s so creamy) it plumps up my normally tiny lips. I may just be a convert…

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