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Five seriously good products to buy this weekend
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If you happen to make a trip to the shops this weekend, then see this as your shopping list. These five products are seriously good and will improve your life greatly. You can thank me later.

NYX Faux White Eyes Brightener, £5.50

I need a lot of sleep. Like, a lot. I go to bed at 11pm and wake up at 8pm. That’s nine hours sleep. If I don’t get my full nine, then I’ll either be delirious and spend hours laughing at a picture of a dog wearing a hat or I’ll be so grumpy that I fear for my fellow commuters lives. I also look like I haven’t had enough sleep – I have dark circles, my lids are droopy and there’s a lack of shine to my eyes. On the occasions that I’ve stayed up late binging on a Netflix series or had to be up early for a gym class (just kidding, that never happens) I can now use NYX’s new Faux White Eyes Brightener pencil to mask how tired I actually am. There are eight pastel colours to choose from and because I have blue eyes, I went with Baby Powder, a light blue. I pencil the corners of my eyes and my upper waterline and boom! Eyes that sparkle.

Pixi Rose Caviar Essence, £24

I have to be honest with you, I don’t really know much about Pixi. I have of course heard of their Glow Tonic (hasn’t everyone?!), but I don’t really use any of their products and don’t know much about them as a brand. As a Beauty Editor, this is poor show, so I went investigating. I had a peek at their website and to my delight, I discovered that it’s not expensive (yay!), it’s paraben free (yay!) and the brand don’t test on animals (yay!). Popping onto the ‘What’s New’ section, I was instantly drawn to the Rose Caviar Esscence – am I really that basic that all it takes is a pink tube?! Said pink tube is in fact a cracker of a product, that’s also quite whizzy on the science side too. It’s a clear gel formula, but if you look closely there are small round bubbles suspended in it – that’s the encapsulated rose flower oil. By keeping it enclosed, the oil is kept ultra potent. Upon contact with the skin, the ‘bubbles’ burst and melt into skin. It doesn’t leave the skin feeling greasy at all, in fact quite the opposite - my skin felt so soft afterwards that I jus kept stroking it. I might have looked odd, but at least my skin was happy.

Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue Eau Intense, £77

You know Light Blue - it’s the perfume with the ad campaign that’s got David Gandy lying on a boat, in his tight, white speedos. There might be a woman lying next to him, I can’t quite remember for some reason… To be quite frank, the fragrance is probably best know because of David Gandy and his pants, but the juice itself is actually a beautiful scent. It’s fresh and light (so light that it tends to drift off after about 30 minutes so reapplication is a necessity) and incredibly wearable. Clearly the people at Dolce took note of it’s complete and utter lack of resilience and have brought out Light Blue Eau Intense – it’s pretty much smells the same (the chap who designed the first one, had another go at this) but it’s a bit punchier and has much better staying power. Oh and in case you were wondering, Gandy is back in his white underwear and this time you actually see more of his package. Which is only a good thing.

Caudalie Beauty Elixir Limited Edition, from £12

Happy Birthday Beauty Elixir! Caudalie’s bestseller is twenty years old and has never looked better, thanks to its limited edition, gold-detailed bottle. This seemingly simple facial mist is in fact a worldwide cult product, because it is so much more than a facial mist. It can be used to wake you up at 4pm when you’re lids are drooping, it can set your makeup for the whole day, it cools a post-gym rouged face, it works as a sleep-inducing pillow spray, you can use it in place of your toner to tighten pores… I could go on, but you get the picture – it’s great. Everybody loves it, and so do I. I personally prefer the 30ml size because I can cart it around with me for instant pick-me-ups. Rosie Huntington-Whitely is the new official ambassador for it, so if you don’t trust me, maybe you’ll believe her?

iZ Beauty of London Top Coat, £10.50

I recently dedicated an entire Powder Picks to my at-home manicure kit. You may have noticed that I didn’t include a topcoat. The reason? I never use one. I am so impatient that the idea of putting a basecoat and two coats of colour is enough time out of my life, thank you very much. I pay the price, sure, my polish doesn’t tend to last that long. I’ve also never found a topcoat that I think is any good. Until now, my friends. I was casually doing my nails at my desk, as you do, as a package from iZ Beauty of London arrived. Inside was this gel-effect topcoat. I thought, bugger it, am going to give topcoat another chance. I am so glad that I did. Get Plumped is a gel-effect topcoat that’s feels a bit stickier and thicker than a normal polish, so was a little tricky going on, but my desk-mani lasted five solid days with no chips. Hello, my name is Katie Thomas and I am a topcoat addict.

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