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> Wunder2 Perfect Selfie HD Photo Finishing Powder, £19.95

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Is this the secret to the perfect selfie?
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Wunder2 Perfect Selfie HD Photo Finishing Powder, £19.95

Powder’s had a bad rep and it’s completely unjust. Just to clarify, I don’t mean us at thisispowder.co.uk, we’re completely marvellous. I mean setting and loose powders. Some people say they age you, some people say they gather in pores. Whilst I’m sure there are a few out there that do just that, technology nowadays means that powder has come on leaps and bounds and should, if it isn’t already, be an essential in every makeup kit bag. My favourite at the moment is Wunder2’s Perfect Selfie HD Photo Finishing Powder. Take a moment to reread that. It’s a powder that perfects your selfies. What more does a person want? It’s completely translucent and gives you a flawless, poreless complexion. It moves with skin, so no matter what you’re up to during the day this powder works for you, not against you. Hand me my iPhone.

Frances Prescott Tri.Balm, £39

This is a three-way multi-tasking product – that’s why it’s called the Tri Balm. Geddit? It’s essentially a cleansing balm in a rollup tube - a bit like a deodorant. They say it can be used to cleanse, exfoliate and moisturise. I don’t really agree with it being a moisturiser as it's incredibly rich, so unless you have extremely dry skin and usually opt for an oil instead of a day cream. That said, it is bloody amazing at cleaning skin. I roll in all over my cheeks, forehead and neck and then work it in with my palms. It gets rid of every last bit of grime and the pumpkin enzymes work at de-sloughing all the dead skin cells I’ve been storing for reasons best know to my dermis. I’d personally call in the Bi Balm, but give it a bash as you may disagree.

Soigné Le Miroir, £23

The chrome nail trend popped up on Instagram about a year ago. I spoke to a few acclaimed manicurists about it and they refused to comment on it, as apparently the ‘chrome’ powder being used by nail salons is actually aluminium powder utilised by car manufacturers. Aluminium powder is so light that it can easily be inhaled and settles in the lungs. As far as we know, there still isn’t a powder out there that has been approved for use in manicures. So what does one do until that day? You fake it til you make it with Soigne’s Le Miroir. See the colour of the bottle? That’s the exact colour that comes out on your nails. Dreamy. I will say that after a while, the colour dulls to a muted silver, so this is short-term look. But I’d much rather that than aluminium particles chilling out in my lungs. Don’t you agree?

Biocol Labs Something For Dreaming, £16

If I had a pound for every time someone suggested I invest in a pillow spray to help me get to sleep at night, I’d be a millionaire. Not really, I’d probably have about £25. But still. I’m not convinced they work. A mouth spray on the other hand… This little beauty is completely natural and contains passionflower (not that it helps with your passion – quite the opposite in fact), lemongrass and melatonin, which all aid in reducing the time it takes to drop off. Two spritzes into my mouth before bed and I’m out like a light. No passion here thanks.

Show Beauty Lux Volume Mousse, £30

My hair is long. Like really, really long. This makes my hair heavy. Like really, really heavy. The result? Flat hair. Like really, really flat hair. So I am bowing down to the wonder that is this mousse. I pop it on post-shower and pre-blowdry and my hair’s volume lasts for ages. The best part is that it’s super lightweight, so doesn’t add any weight to my hair. Hooray. And guess what? For £35 you can get this mousse, as well as 11 other incredible porducts, in our Summer Beauty Drawer. Let’s do the maths. Would you rather pay £30 for one product or add an extra fiver and get 12 products? I’ll let you mill that over…

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