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Oh my goodness, this concealer is amazing
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YSL Beauty All Hours Concealer, £22

I am completely dedicated and loyal to one concealer, and one concealer only. It doesn’t matter how many land on my desk for testing, I’ll give them a bash for a day and then chuck them into the beauty cupboard, because nothing will tear me away from my favourite. But I tell you what, this one is seriously close to usurping my one and only. It’s part of YSL’s new long wear collection that promises to stay put for as long as you are up and awake. They don’t lie. This concealer stays put for hours. It’s a thick consistency, so rather than using the applicator wand to blend, I use it to dot it around my dark circles and then grab a slightly damp beauty blender and work it in. I use a damp one as it breaks up the consistency a little, meaning it doesn’t look too cakey. This one might just make it into my makeup bag.

Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair Eye Concentrate Matrix, £49

The words ‘Advanced Night Repair’ instil a sense of trust in me; I just know that anything from this range is going to be good. I’ve used pretty much every product and loved it, so why would this be any different? It’s a super duper eye serum that supports our poor old peepers, because they go through a lot. Blinking during the day apparently is the equivalent as a five-mile walk. Who knew? So not only does this help fight those pesky signs of aging and hydrate the area, but it also increases the density of the area to create cushioning for all of these five mile hikes! As well as all that, it’s got a clever applicator that’s really fun to use and means that you don’t over do it and flood the area with product.

Omorovicza Midnight Radiance Mask, £90

Well gee whizz, I didn’t realise how thirsty my skin was until I used this mask. It drank this up. A thick, gel-based consistency that feels super cooling when I put it on before bed. (Little tip: whack it in the fridge and put it on your face when you’re hungover. Trust me when I say your skin will thank you.) Even though it’s quite gloopy, it’s not heavy at all so if you’re oily or don’t like loading up on products, it’ll still feel good when you’ve got it on. It sinks in immediately, which I love and it plumps up skin enough to leave it feeling filled-out and velvety smooth. Divine.

Pureology Clean Volume Instant Levitation Mist, £23.50

The new Clean Volume range by Pureology is aimed at people with fine, colour treated hair. That my friends, is my hair in a nutshell. The range basically gives my dry, damaged hair the shine it so desperately wants and my flat, fine hair the movement that it needs. My favourite product is the Levitation Mist, which I am fully aware sounds like something out of Harry Potter. My flatter than flat hair is so pleased that this has come into my life. After I’ve towel-dried my hair and brushed all the knots out, I spray this directly onto my roots. The results are beyond – I finally have a bit of lift and volume and strangely my hair looks less greasy…

Nivea Limited Edition Black & White Deodorant designed by Matthew Williamson, £2.50 (available in store at Boots now)

Let’s be honest, this is just deodorant. A good deodorant, but a deodorant none the less. However, I’ve never had an anti-perspirant that I would happily display in on my beauty shelf next to my La Mer day cream and my Nars tinted moisturiser. Normally, I would chuck it into a drawer, only for it to see the light of day for about three seconds every morning. That was until this little beauty came into my life. Nivea’s Limited Edition Black & White Deodorant designed by Matthew Williamson is a very pleasing on the eye and therefore deserves a place next to the other beautifully designed bottles in my bathroom.

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