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5 oils to help with stress
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It’s hard being a cool, chilled, nothing-matters kinda person in a hectic, stressful world; we can pretend all we like but the ugly truth is that most of us have a hard time not being 100 per cent neurotic at all times. Other than the obvious (not taking the tube ever again/winning the lottery/going on holiday for life) there is a remedy for the curse of stress: aromatherapy oils.

From jasmine and ylang ylang, natural sedatives that help calm a racing mind, to lavender (helps ease anxiety) and neroli (boosts happiness), there are a whole host of plant-derived oils out there that are sensorial enough to help you chill the fuck out. And the best thing? A lot of them come as a roll-on, perfect for those moments you need a little light relief. Here are the best around:

Aromatherapy Associates Deep Relax Roller Ball, £16 – The world of Aromatherapy Associates is a chill AF one indeed. This rollerball is one of their bestselling oils distilled into a handy tube. It is amazing and relax deeply you will thanks to the chamomile, sandalwood and vetivert blend. 

Aveda Cooling Balancing Oil Concentrate, £16 – Can’t think straight and got that fuzzy headed feeling? Aveda’s oil will sort you out. Chamomile, our main relaxing friend, is also in this one. You'll also find peppermint and menthol that cool on the skin which physically relieves any tension. Put it on your neck to diffuse headaches or on wrists to wake you up. 


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L’Occitane Lavender Relaxing Roll-On, £14 – Well we all know how zen lavender makes us and this baby roll-on is filled with it. Deeply inhale it just before bed to really feel its soul-soothing effects. 

This Works Stress Check Rollerball, £16 – This really does work – it’s one of the strongest on the market - and it lasts a while too. Aside from lavender, there’s eucalyptus which helps ease a tired mind (and body) and frankincense, which is an antiseptic, so it’s quite good for skin too. For really bad moments, roll it on just under your nose for a whiff every time you breathe in.

Dr Jackson’s Everyday Oil, £12 – Supposed to be for your face but this smells so relaxing that it’s getting its moment to shine as a de-stresser. Rub it on to your face, neck and anywhere that’s feeling dry and you’ll notice better, more supple skin, improved texture and you’ll feel a little bit calmer. Win win. 

And breathe… 

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