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7 Best Peel-Off Masks
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I’m going to put it out there: if you haven’t yet tried a peel-off mask, then you really haven’t lived. The grown-up equivalent of picking off PVA glue from fingers in primary school, they're the most satisfying skincare you can experience. And, from brightening and tightening to hydrating and unclogging pores, they really work too. Find the one for you here:

The Best Peel-off Mask For Dehydrated Skin: Dr Dennis Gross Hyaluronic Marine Hydrating Modeling Mask, £43

Our bodies need at least eight glasses of water a day to be on tip-top form and pretty much every celeb in the world says they look how they do because they ‘drink water’ (lies) but sometimes we forget that our skin needs a good drink too. For that, I give you this brilliant MIY (mix it yourself – you heard it here first) mask; mix the hyaluronic acid-packed gel sachet with the activating powder and use the spatula to apply the fresh mix onto your face, as thick as you can. After about 15 minutes, it dries to a cushiony rubber – which presses the Hyaluronic Acid deeply into skin – and then you peel it off. Oh and it’s blue, too! You’ll see a real difference in how plump, dewy and healthy your skin looks.

The Best Peel-off Mask For the Ultimate Skin Detox: Masque Bar Charcoal Peel Off Mask, £9.99 for 3

Face kicking up a fuss? Find skin solace in this little black number. It contains charcoal, which does what Brad Pitt or George Clooney do to most women i.e. magnetizes. But instead of you and me, it attracts toxins, bacteria, oil and general dirt, so when you peel it off, all the crap goes with it and you’re left with extremely clean skin. Before you apply, steam skin either in the shower or over a bowl of boiling water to fully open pores - it'll mean nothing gets left behind. Leave on for 20 mins or so – until the mask has set – and then get peeling.


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The Best Peel-off Mask For Getting Your Glow Back: Elizabeth Arden Peel & Reveal Revitalizing Treatment, £26

Long weeks can turn into long months and long months can turn into awfully long skin neglect. For that there’s Elizabeth Arden’s Peel & Reveal. Aside from the ridiculously enticing name, this one is a super exfoliator that lifts dead skin cells, smoothes lines and reduces large pores and scarring. It also nourishes and soothes sad skin, thanks to the Aloe Vera and pollution-protecting grape seed extract it contains. So this is not just a mask, it’s a skincare staple.

The Best Peel-off Mask For Post-Flight Revival: Sanctuary 5 Minute Radiance Peel-Off Mask, £10

Flights give so much (airmiles, holiday, all the films) and take so much away (hydration, glow, skin happiness) so arm yourself with the right mask ahead of touchdown. Sanctuary’s brilliantly affordable tube of peel-off fun contains a whole host of exfoliating acids, including glycolic which really packs a punch and unblocks pores to reveal more radiant skin. There’s also a blend of sweet smelling essential oils that boost your seriously low moisture levels.

The Best Peel-off Mask For Getting Rid of Blackheads: Blaq Mask, £14

We’ve all seen those viral Insta videos; girl rips every single one of her blackheads from nose in one-fell-swoop. It’s a feast for the eyes. This is one of those masks and, like Masque Bar's also contains charcoal to help clear and detoxify.  The difference with this one is that it clings to skin – it’ll really grab on to blackheads and pull them out. Not one for the rest of your face, stick to your nose and leave on for about 15 minutes until it’s dry then commence full pore-evacuation. 


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The Best Peel-off Mask For the Morning After the Night Before: Origins GinZing Peel-Off Mask, £25

Hangover face is real and there's no quick fix. This Origins mask, however, will help you get back to that place before you lost your dignity and/or bank card/money/phone. Alongside caffeine, which stimulates skin and takes down irritation, it contains a blend of exfoliating acids (lemon, orange and apple) that naturally - and gently - exfoliate and brighten the skin. The peel-off fun also lifts all of the dead skin cells that make skin look sluggish and tired, so although you might still feel rough, at least your face is taking control of the situation. Make sure you put a thick-enough layer on as this can be a tough one to remove. Best of all, it’s a shimmering molten bronze colour – enough to brighten any and every dire hangover.

The Best Peel-off Mask For Getting Tight and Toned: Glamglow GravityMud Firming Treatment, £39

We all need a little help in the contour department sometimes; it's easier getting it through your skincare than it is using a confusing mix of brown powders and highlighters. Glamglow’s GravityMud is a pearlescent, unicorn blood formula, straight out of the pages of Harry Potter, which contains an array of potent algaes that tone, tighten and firm the skin. Use the tiny brush that comes with it to paint a thick layer all over and then peel off after half an hour. Basically a facial workout in a tub.

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