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We know beauty can be a luxury. Long muscle-relaxing baths, pampering facials and body massages. All very dreamy, but then there’s the other side of beauty. The hard-core, practical side that just gets s**t done. We have compiled the turbo-charged advice to cure all your beauty dilemmas, pronto.

1. Avoid a streaky mani

'To get a good, equal spread of nail polish without streaks, the trick is to apply it quickly and with as few strokes as possible – preferably three per finger,' says nail expert Julie Luong.

2. Hair-colour crisis

If you were inspired by Rita Ora’s rainbow dip-dye, but messed up with the DIY colour, don’t panic – you can undo it. 'If it’s a disaster, brush it out vigorously and add dry shampoo to diffuse the colour,' advises Guido Palau, Redken Global Styling Director.

3. Hide a hangover

We all feel rough the morning after the night before, but you don’t have to look it. 'An easy way to refresh your complexion is to use a cream blush on the apples of your cheeks,' says make-up artist Ciona Johnson-King, 'It instantly peps up models’ tired skin.' Elizabeth Arden’s Ceramide Plump Perfect Cream Blush in Pink should do the trick.

4. Help! I look like a poodle

Gone overboard with the curling iron? We’ve all done it. Grab your straightners and some styling cream. 'Apply the cream, then run a straightening iron through hair, using a mixed-bristle brush to create tension,' says hair pro Luke Hersheson. We like L’Oréal Professionnel Tecni Art Liss Control.

5. Fake a good night’s sleep

With every birthday, eye bags seem to deepen and sleepless nights take their toll – it’s even a problem on the runway. 'Models are constantly running around during Fashion Weeks so tired looking eyes are a constant issue.' Smooth a yellow-based concealer over dark areas (yellow neutralises the darkness) and add an illuminator on top.

6. Hide bitten nails

No time for a mani? Take a cue from Marc Jacobs. 'Many designers like Marc are so precise when it comes to the details,' says Rimmel London nail pro Adam Slee. 'Usually he asks for short nails, so when the model is a nail-biter, we have to use stick on falsies, but trim the so they don’t come over the pad of skin. This makes it look much more real.' No plastic talons here.

7. Oh no! Not sock marks

Those indentations left by your socks? You don’t have to wait for them to fade. 'Sock marks are irritating backstage as designers show their summer collections during sock weather,' says make-up guru Ruby Hammer, 'To get rid of them, massage your legs with cream or oil and shake them to boost circulation.' A dab of BB or CC cream will mask leftover marks.

8. Deal with the dodgy eyeliner mark

You’re so late it's ridiculous, and your cat-eye flick has gone off piste. No need to start from scratch. 'Swirl a pointed cotton bud in make-up remover and sweep across the top of the liner to erase bumps,' says make-up pro Kenneth Soh. Try Givenchy’s Secur’ Eyes Delicate Eye Make-up Remover.

9. What spot?

You’ve got a big date and an even bigger blemish on your chin, someone pass the concealer quick. 'Runway–ready skin is often about looking fresh but flawless, so you need to be clever with coverage,' says Claire Mulleady, MAC senior make-up artist. 'Applying concealer using an eyeliner brush lets you pinpoint it only where it’s needed most.'

10. Lose a bruise

Got a massive shiner on your leg? Put down the opaques. 'A concealer palette with a range of shades is ideal for covering bruises as they tend not to be one uniform colour,' says Mulleady. 'Pat on with a brush or your finger.'

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