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The best self-tanners for your face
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The post man has got his shorts on, hay fever is in full sneezy swing (you can actually hear Graham from IT's blood curdling sneeze from the other size of the office) and the central line is unbearably hot - summer is back guys.

But summer can be scary if you’re whiter than Casper the ghost. Thankfully, there are face tanners. Not only do they give a sunny glow and are way less commitment than a body tan, you’ll often find you can wear less foundation as a tan evens out skin tone and just on a whole makes me look a whole bunch better. Here's Powder's favourites that are all zero fuss so you can get glowing in no time at all…


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The custom one

Tan Luxe Illuminating Drops

If you hate the faff of having to incorporate a self-tan into your already jam-packed skin care routine, this is for you. You can custom-blend your own tan by squeezing 1-4 drops into your usual serum or moisturiser. If you want to go lighter or darker, simply add or reduce the amount. It’s quite subtle, so they’re perfect if you’re a tan-phobe or on the fairer side, and would rather a sun-kissed glow than a two weeks in the south of France roasting. They’re rich in vitamin E, so great for drier skin types, but it might be too rich if you have acne prone skin (if that’s you, try out some of the others coming up). They won’t stain your pillow, there’s no biscuit smell and the colour fades evenly and can be easily maintained every few days. Easy-peasy tanning-squeezy.


The overnight miracle

Charlotte Tilbury Overnight Bronze and Glow Mask

We haven’t booked any beach holidays yet, which is not only a bit depressing, but it also means we’re looking so pasty, we’re basically see-through. But there’s no need to panic, because this mask will sort that right out. Not only is it super-hydrating to quench skin with moisture (don’t underestimate the ‘glow’ part of the product name), but Tilbury has nailed the colour with this one too. It can be built up over three nights, but we found the colour was perfect after one night. It smells of suncream too. Basically a holiday in a tube.


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The quick one

St Tropez Self Tan Express Bronzing Sheet Mask

Why has no one else thought of this before? The clever clogs at St Tropez have fused the magic of sheet masks with their tanning expertise. The mask, which delightfully smells like parma violets, is infused with hyaluronic acid (so it’s incredibly moisturizing) and a self-tanning formula that you can personalize by leaving it on for either five, ten or 15 minutes depending on whether you want a light, medium or dark tan. You then remove the mask, massage in the excess and wash your hands. We left this on for the full fifteen minutes at night and woke up with a corker of a tan – and skin actually felt replenished and nicely hydrated. The fluid itself is transparent, meaning you can pop this on prior to make-up application and the tan will develop over the course of eight hours. Or, pop it on before bedtime to wake up like you’ve been in the Bahamas, rather than Bethnal Green. Genius.


The anti-ageing tan

Vita Liberata Self Tanning Anti Age serum

The sun is the worst culprit for ageing – up to 80% of ageing is caused by sun damage. Wear that SPF people. But if you like having a glow, but still want to address sun damage, then give this one a try. You get a tan without having to compromise your anti-ageing routine. This tanning serum can be used directly on to skin for an intense tan, or it can be mixed it in with your usual serum or moisturiser for a subtle hint of colour. It’s packed full of peptides to help plump out wrinkles and fine lines and is basically foolproof.


The quick spritz

James Read H2O Tan Mist

Possibly the fastest way to create and top up a tan. James Read’s H2O’s Tan Mist is a doddle – all you do is spritz each day to gradually build up the colour you want. It’s light enough to apply before putting on make-up and it contains witch hazel to help any surprise spots from creeping up. It develops super fast, so it’s ideal if you need a glow pronto.

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