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> acne or stubborn breakouts you will have no doubt tried all the best spot treatments out there."/>
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If you’ve been battling with acne or stubborn breakouts you will have no doubt tried all the best spot treatments out there. You’re clued up on the differences between salicylic acid and benzoyl peroxide and will have tried e-v-e-r-y dermatologist-recommended product for acne – you basically keep Boots in business. But the reality is, finding a good treatment is tricky; sometimes targeted spot creams can rub off as you sleep or they just don’t work. Oh, and if you’ve ever fallen victim to the benzoyl-peroxide-stained pillowcase, you’ll know that some formulations are just not worth ruining your Zara Home bedding for. Friends, we may have the answer - spot stickers. They sound gimmicky, but we insist you give them a try. Like most forward-thinking skincare, they originated in Korea and these transparent, decongesting dots work wonders.

They work in two ways:

  1. By either drawing the gunk out from the spot (these are hydrocolloid patches) that turn white when the pus is drawn out (grossly satisfying).
  2. By delivering actives, such as salicylic acid, to the spots to help bring down blockages, inflammation and reduce scarring.

The result? A significantly reduced, dare we say invisible, pimple come morning. Hallelujah.


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What’s great about them is at night they stay on the skin far better than any spot creams or gels we’ve tried, allowing the treatment to actually get to work. Also for the pickers amongst us, the physical barrier keeps your mitts away from the spot, meaning you’re less likely to introduce spot-breeding bacteria or cause scarring by prodding or squeezing. They work best on whiteheads, rather than cystic acne or blemishes that are yet to come to a head, however, they do help speed up the healing process. Not bad for a humble sticker eh?

Here are some of our favourite spot stickers we’ll be sticking it out with…

Skyn Iceland Blemish Dots, £17.50 for 48

These salicylic acid and tea-tree infused dots handily come in two varying sizes in the pack, so for those really unattractive whoppers there are bigger stickers. They’re antibacterial, antimicrobial (meaning they kill off fungi and viruses too), anti-inflammatory and oil absorbent to speed up recovery time of whiteheads and those pesky under the skin bumps. Because they are so thin, they are almost undetectable on the skin too – making them more discreet than blobs of Sudocrem on your face.

Sarah Chapman SOS Spot Stickers, £26 for 20

These individually wrapped stickers have an intricate application system that is a little fiddly at first, but it makes placing them on to the skin much more hygienic than using your fingers, preventing any bacteria being introduced to the patch. They contain a winning team of ingredients such as salicylic acid to unclog, Sytenol® A and P-Refinyl® to reduce sebum production and inflammation, while the vitamin c and grape seed oil help to prevent scarring and moisturise the surroundings of the blemish. No dried out scab here thanks. They come packaged in a chic mirrored wallet for on-the-go application too – how civilised.


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CosRX Acne Pimple Master Patch, £8 for 24

These are the hydrocolloid kind, so they have a clear, gel-like texture that will turn cloudy as they absorb all the sebum out of a whitehead or a freshly popped spot – they won’t work on spots or blackheads that are underneath the surface of the skin. They come in varying sizes and while they don’t contain any spot-busting ingredients as such, they do create a sterile environment to help the blemish heal. After a few hours of wear, you can expect a flatter spot that’s been extracted of any gunk. We don’t think we’ve ever come across anything quite as satisfying as peeling one of these off to see just how much they have absorbed...

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