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Everything you need to know about pigmentation
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Pigmentation and age spots are one of those beauty problems that just creep up on us. One day it’s just a speckle and then you’re faced with several of the blighters.

As we do with most of our skincare woes, we immediately call Nichola Joss, celebrity facialist supremo who counts all the Kates (that’s Moss, Blanchett and Winslet – FYI) among her cliental. If anyone can whip our discolouration into shape, it’s her. And breathe.

Hyperpigmentation is basically like a volcano. It’s just patiently sitting there, dormant, waiting to erupt. The reason it doesn’t come to fruition until your early 40s is because it’s so far down in lower levels of the skin and takes ages to rise to the surface. As the ageing process speeds up, the scar tissue in the lower layers of skin becomes apparent to the eye.


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The sun is not your friend. Sun damage is usually to blame for scarring the lower layers of your skin. It’s caused a bit by UVB damage but your number one enemy is UVA as it can get deep down into the skin. Hormones and pregnancy can play a part in pigmentation, but the number one cause is the sun.

Keep it on the down low. The best course of action to reduce discolouration is using topical products to suppress hyperpigmentation. SkinCeuticals Advanced Pigment Corrector is really effective at fading and lightening pigmentation and darks spots on the skin.

Don’t laser! A BIG mistake women with hyperpigmentation make is to have laser treatments, peels or microdermabrasion. They’re a no no. All you’re going to do is damage the skin because as you age it has already started thinning. These treatments are too harsh so will just scar your skin in a different way.

SPF, SPF, SPF. This may sound like a broken record, but by far the best way to prevent dark spots from getting worse is to use an SPF. On your hands, your chest, your neck, your face, everywhere. We’re talking about really, really high levels of SPF. And before you ask, you can still tan with a high factor sun cream.


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Fake it ‘til you make it. To cover up dark spots, apply a concealer with a fine brush. This means you can artfully cover the pigmentation but not your whole face. Vichy’s Dermablend Smooth Liquid Concealer is very high coverage so ideal for hiding this type of skin concern.

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