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Why we’re saying ‘I do’ to airbrush make-up
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In the run up to the big day, somewhere in between dress fittings, catering convos and gasps at the price of, well, pretty much everything with a ‘wedding’ tag, you might be thinking about what to do with your face on the day. It’s all about creating the best version of you, or so it goes… But how do you really get yourself looking your damndest and stay that way even after a few tears, hugs all round and a sweaty dance floor? Call in airbrush make-up.

So first up, what is the stuff and how does it differ to your old faithful foundation? On a basic level, Airbrush foundation is sprayed onto the skin in a super fine mist via an airbrush gun. And why it’s as good a life choice as your future husband? We chatted to make up artist and airbrush guru, Ana Ospina

It’s the most long lasting base you’ll get …

Airbrush Make Up gives a very long wearing yet seamless make up base that feels lightweight. The airbrush foundations Ana uses are mainly silicone based and hold up well even on the hottest of days, dance floors or nervous sweats - where conventional make up would just melt off.

A super flawless finish. Amen.

Your wedding day is one day where you really can’t camera dodge. Airbrush application makes for a totally seamless final look  -  no orange jaw marks or cakey bits, that somehow make the spot (that unfairly surfaced) look even worse. With airbrush make up, redness can be concealed, as well as all the usual suspects such as pores, wrinkles and other skin woes (even that god awful tattoo you had done when you were 15). Ana explains that the fine airbrush mist means that coverage is less visible and smoother then other make up which can often enhance and make problem areas look worse.

It’s a match for all skin types and tones – even sensitive…

There are different types of airbrush foundations for different types of skin. Silicone based airbrush make up is the norm and works on all skin types, however Ana explains that she does switch to water based if someone is actually allergic to silicone or super sensitive. Another positive is that no sponges or brushes are used to apply, as the foundation is sprayed directly onto the skin - by not touching the face at this point of the make up application it lessens the chances of anything flaring up the skin. Heavier alcohol formulas also exist, but let’s just say they’re more Dancing On Ice, than walking up the aisle!


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Matte or dewy gals all welcome…

The finish can be dewy, semi matte or matte. Your skin type will dictate which type of airbrush foundation is used, but even if you have a matte finish applied, for e.g because your skin is oily /combination, you can still have products applied in select areas to give you a dewy look. It is all possible people.

Cakey and heavy? Not so…

The trick is in the application. You wouldn’t risk your highlights with an unqualified hairdresser, so make sure you see an airbrush specialist, like Ana, so you’re not dicing with facial suicide. Ana explains, ‘so long as you use appropriate primers, powders and setting sprays it will hold all day, even if it has been applied to give a more tinted moisturiser like finish. Heavy coverage can still look lightweight too with correct application techniques’.

Prep-up ahead…

Use a minimal amount of skincare directly ahead of an airbrush make up application, make-up artists know the skincare products that work well with airbrush – so turning up bare faced is best! Your make up will always go on a lot better if the skin underneath is at its best, so drink up folks (water that is) and make sure you’ve busted out the right products for your skin in the run up (Powder will show you the way). A final tip from Ana, don't forget your eye and lip care too -  concealer and lip colours will gather (in a bad way) in those areas that are lacking attention.


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What you need to bring to the big day…

Airbrush make up is longwearing, however if it’s a scorcher, or, for those with oily combination skins, good news is the make up will not budge or melt. On the flip side, nothing is invincible and you may perspire through the make up. It’s no biggie –  just blot or absorb any excess oils on a tissue or blotting paper and if needed a quick powder top up. To earn her stripes, give your bridesmaid a compact powder, lipstick and some tissues as a nice little fix kit.

Up next, the cry-proof eye make-up for your wedding day...

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