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The bestselling women's fragrances of 2017
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Fragrance is an incredibly personal thing. Your favourite scent might smell like utter shite to your friend and vice versa. That’s why buying someone a fragrance as a present is incredibly difficult, but here’s an idea: this Christmas, why not take your chances on one of the UK’s bestselling women's perfume? The majority of the UK seems to like them, so chances are you’ll be on to a winner…

Here are the UK’s five bestselling women’s fragrances of 2017...

Chanel Coco Mademoiselle, from £52 for 30ml

Of course Chanel is on the list. Twice in fact. This is an elegant fragrance that anyone would happily wear. It’s a floral mixed with citrus so incredibly cheery smelling, but sophisticated at the same time. You can do no wrong with this one.

Dior Miss Dior, from £52 for 30ml

The scent was reformulated in September this year and the latest version is a bouquet of Damask rose and May rose from Grasse. This is then met with citrusy notes of lemon, mandarin and pink pepper. It’s a people pleaser this one – you’ll find lots people who say, ‘yes that’s nice, isn’t it?’

Lancome La Vie Est Belle, £70 for 100ml

You know this one – the advert has the oh-my-god-we-love-her-so-much Julia Roberts in it breaking free of her diamond shackles. It’s a gourmand, which means it veers towards the sweet side, but luckily they’ve chucked in some white flowers to stop it being sickly. To be honest anything Julia believes in, we’re game.

Chanel No5, from £52 for 50ml

Be honest, you knew this would be on the list didn’t you? It’s like the world’s most famous perfume. It’s a complete classic – notes of bergamot, lemon, neroli and ylang-ylang are followed by jasmine, rose, and sandalwood, vanilla and patchouli. It’s got a little bit of everything in it and is by no means subtle. Once you've spritzed yourself once, you'll be set for the day. (Incidentally, follow these rules if you're wondering how to make fragrance last longer.) It is in fact a unisex fragrance, but worn mostly by women, which is no surprise considering Coco Chanel asked her perfumer to create a scent “which smells like a woman.”

YSL Black Opium, from £58 for 50ml

YSL Black Opium is the rebellious child to the original Opium’s rather posh mother. Opium smells like a rich woman and Black Opium also smells expensive, but with a naughtier, darker twist thanks to the aroma of coffee, pink pepper and patchouli.  The face of the fragrance is Edie Campbell, which says it all really…

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