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Bet you didn’t know the Touche Éclat could do this…
Bet you didn’t know the Touche Éclat could do this… Image Credit:

We very rarely say a product is an absolute necessity, but every once in a while one comes along that instantly cements itself in the beauty hall of fame because of its transformative features - then we can honestly say that you NEED it. Just peak into any girl’s make-up bag and you’ll probably find a little gold pen (or at least a copy of one) in there.

However, what often comes with such legendary status is that most of us only know the main thing it does that gained it such status in the first place. We all know how great the Touche Éclat is for under-eye bags (it’s the sole reason we look alive most mornings), but we were pleasantly surprised about just what else this miracle pen could do. This is no one-trick pony and after interviewing Fred Letailleur, Yves Saint Laurent Beauté Make-up Artist for Northern Europe, it seems there’s no end to its talent.

Here’s what we found…

1. You’ve probably been using it wrong for years

‘It’s not widely known but you should never (as in, ever ever EVER) use the Touche Éclat underneath foundation’, advises Letailleur. To really benefit from the highlighting properties you need it to go on top of foundation (even if it does feel a bit unnatural to start with…).

2. Use it on the brows

It works really well to sharpen up the brows. Don’t only apply it to the underneath of the arch - putting it above the outer half after you’ve used your brow pencil gives a really neat, defined shape.

3. Sneaky new tekkers

‘I’d always applied it with my fingers until I went to Korea and discovered they were blending it with an eyeshadow brush,’ explains Letailleur (weird, but we’re listening…). ‘It gave a much smoother application and, unlike your fingers, it doesn’t rub the product off whilst you try to blend.’

4. It’s great for strobing

You know that new highlighting craze that’s dubbed the new contouring? Unlike a lot of highlighters the Touche Éclat isn’t too shimmery or oily and it’ll keep your skin hydrated when layered up over the cheekbones.

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