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This is the biggest health trend for 2017
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We’ve learnt a lot from Gwyneth Paltrow. Her website Goop has taught us how to yawn properly, the importance of vagina steaming and let’s not forgetting her generous contribution to the English language with ‘conscious uncoupling’.

This year, she is backing something else equally intriguing/bonkers. Clean sleeping. No no, this has nothing to do with hygiene. A partner to clean eating, it’s simply, ‘getting at least seven or eight hours of good, quality sleep – ideally even ten’ a night, explains Paltrow for the Mail Online.

The idea is that uninterrupted deep sleep allows you to regulate energy levels, so you can better cope with daily challenges, plus have regulated metabolism and hormone levels. Excellent – chance would be a fine thing, many of you may be thinking.

Let us help… Here’s how to get the cleanest sleep you’ve ever had.

Nightcaps are a myth

Don’t listen to your Grandpa. A shot of whiskey (or any alcohol) might help you drop off quicker, but it reduces the quality of sleep. In particular it reduces the rapid eye movement sleep (the part where you dream – usually about an hour after falling asleep) which is the most restorative bit.

Spring clean

You know that chair in the corner you haven’t seen for three years because it buried under clothes, bed throw and rogue cushions? All has to go. Clutter symbolises something unfinished, which causes anxiousness. This makes you more likely to suffer restlessness and disturbed sleep. You’ll feel amazing once it’s clear.

Create a bedtime ritual

Remember as a child when you parents would do a bath, book, bed routine? The Mayo Clinic suggest setting yourself a bedtime ritual that will help your body prepare itself for sleep by easing the transition from wakefulness to drowsiness. Try turning off you phone an hour before as the screen light stimulates the brain making it trickier to switch off. 

Stick to the plan

If you can, try to go to bed about the same time every night. Like it or not, we’re creatures of habit, and it sticking to a schedule instils a programme system which prepares your body to switch off.

New years resolution decided. Let’s hope this one is more successful than giving up mid-week drinking - 2016 you’ve failed on so many counts…

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