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If one more person tells me what juice diet or workout plan I should be on to get the perfect bikini body, I might just scream! Whilst forward thinking and some carefully planned exercise will of course get things in shape, when summer has already hit and you’ve got to get your legs out – sometimes a girl just needs an instant fix. Right? Hell yeah!

So when I get an email through with a subject line ‘body contouring – how to look sculpted with fake tan’ I instantly clicked on it. The man responsible for this genius trick of the eye is James Harknett also know as ‘the Tom Ford of Tanning’ who claimed that he could make me look contoured, slimmer and more toned all with fake tan. I’d heard of contouring for your face (who hasn’t?) but some faux sculpting action for my pasty limbs sounded too good to be true.

But by the following week I’m stood there in a pair of paper pants, posing like the Vitruvian Man and awaiting my fate…

So how did it work?

First off, you’re sprayed with a fine mist of tan that doesn’t feel too dissimilar to spraying on deodorant. This is applied evenly all over you to create a base (much like foundation for your body).

Now for the clever bit. James explains, “rather than doing one coat of tan, to get a sculpted look it’s about going back and layering up the area you want to shape.” And with that he starts spraying tan over my collarbone, under cheekbones, the insides of my legs, the backs of my arms and the outside edges of my stomach by adding another layer of tan to darken things up (much like the way you use a bronzer under your cheek bones) to create shadow and definition.

The results?

Instantly I look healthier and glowing. But the real question was did I have a body like Giselle? Well you have to be realistic, but I could really see a difference to my stomach and cheekbones in particular.

James advised not to shower until the next morning to let the tan develop, so stick some old sheets on your bed for that night (although I was pleasantly pleased to see that barely any residue had rubbed off). When I showered I was worried that I was washing the whole thing off as there was SO much muddy looking water streaming off me, but after patting myself dry I examined my new look.

The tan had developed but didn’t look ‘fake tan-y’, the sculpting on my legs and arms had really kicked in and I was looking pretty damn toned despite lazily skipping a couple of days of running. Score.

All round a great quick, faux-toning fix for a special event or if you want some extra help before you hit the beach.

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