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> brands, like Boucleme, that formulate products to boost shine, cut down on frizz and nourish your curls."/>
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Soft waves? Tousled locks? Tight corkscrews? Ringlets? Afro? Whatever you’ve got, you probably know that where there are curls, there is – usually – frizz. But what you might not know is that there are brands, like Boucleme, that formulate products to boost shine, cut down on frizz and nourish your curls. This is less about controlling curly hair and more about making the most of what you've got with a few expertly curated curly hair products.

What you need to know

Curly hair is generally dryer than other hair types, which means it's prone to breakage and becoming frizzy. The more you can nourish your hair with moisture-boosting products, the better the quality of your hair will be, and of course, the smoother it will look, too.

While many shampoos and conditioners contain sulphates and silicones that are great at cleaning other hair types, anyone with curls will notice that their hair feels parched and dry. The more that they're exposed to these stripping products, the more brittle and broken they will become so choosing haircare that doesn’t contain them is important.

And that’s where Boucleme comes in. Created by a curly girl, for curly girls, the brand is 100 per cent British and uses biodegradable packaging which is always music to my ears. Add to the fact that they plant an actual tree (in partnership with charity Trees for the Future) every time a 300ml bottle is bought and you’ve got straight-haired me buying up every curl product on offer.

What to get

Curl Cleanser, £15 – From argan and virgin coconut oil to aloe vera and pomegranate, there is a whole lot of nature in this shampoo. It’ll cleanse your scalp and hair without stripping it of moisture, so it’s gentle enough to use every day too.

Intensive Moisture Treatment, £26 – Because it’s more difficult for curly hair’s natural, hydrating oils to move down each hair - there's a lot of twisting and turning to do - a conditioning treatment is needed on a regular basis. For a supercharged dose of hydration, look no further than this mask to quench a million years worth of curl neglect. It’s packed with ingredients like Prickly Pear Seed oil to soften hair, Wheat Bran which helps get that bounce back, and Camellia Oil which contains a whole alphabet worth of vitamins (well, the important ones: A, B, C, and E). Afterwards, your hair will be frizz-free, shiny and in the best condition of its life.

Curl Towel, £25 – Here’s the piece of cloth you never knew you needed. Normal towels ruff up the hair cuticle, causing frizz, so this soft jersey towel is your answer. It absorbs only the excess water so every coil holds on to as much hydration as possible. Needs imeeds.

As for hair serums...

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