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Bronzers just got interesting
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Typically, bronzers aren’t something that make us gush. Punchy lipsticks, nail effects and wizzy serums - now they get us pumped, but a bit of tanning dust on our cheeks? Not so much. Sure, we love the stuff (we would look ill without it) but it’s more the solid, dependable sort of chap rather than the thrill seeking bad boy.

Well, bronzers just got hot. They’ve really upped their game and have moved up the bathroom display cabinet status to where only the cool kid products roam. We credit the Armani Maestro Liquid Summer for triggering the revolution of liquid bronzers and man-alive do they work hard.

Take note, they can be used on your body as much as your face. They’re a streak free alternative to fake tan and unlike powder are less clumpy, orange and pore clogging. They’re also much sheerer – think European glow, rather than baked in the Tropics bronzed.

We spoke to Armani’s National Face Designer (yep, possibly the best job title ever), Vanessa d’Ambrosio, to get her in-the-know secrets for using them.

Tip 1: You can use a liquid bronzer to make you look slimmer. Yes slimmer. Vanessa explains, “Dot a small amount of Maestro Sun down your shin and around the contour of the calf muscle and thigh. By directing the light, and ultimately the eye, to the centre of the legs you will create a slimming effect.” Desperate to try this…

Tip 2: The easiest way to use it on the body is by mixing it with your normal moisturiser. A bit like foundation, the tint evens out skin and any imperfections, bruises or drunken war wounds… Plus, it’s much lighter than fake tan (not to mention less messy and you won’t smell like biscuits either).

Tip 3: Pale girls can join in and actually wear it too. Unlike powders or creams, the Maestro Liquid Summer is blended with oil, which prevents the dreaded clumping or streaking. The liquid instantly evaporates when it touches skin, so you’re left with a much more natural (and believable) finish. Even the faint hearted, bronzer-phobes will like this.

Armani Maestro Liquid Summer, we salute you… A glowing 9 for looks and a sturdy 9.5 for effort.

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