` The only eyebrow gel that actually holds hairs in place|
> Givenchy’s Mister Brow Groom – Universal Brow Setter comes in handy."/>
The only gel that keeps brows in place
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Full, feathery brows have long been a beauty trend, whether that’s on the catwalks, in the magazines or on your well-endowed browed friends. The longer and stronger the brow, the more it needs a helping hand to stay put. That’s where Givenchy’s Mister Brow Groom – Universal Brow Setter comes in handy. Here’s why:

  1. It is like the ultimate glue - a cement for your eyebrows if you will – that holds each hair where you put it. For me, that’s brushing them upwards and outwards, a trick to help open up the eye area and give the face a lifted appearance (yes, it really works). If your brows are thinner, it’s best to brush along from inside to outside to make them look more uniform.
  2. It has the best brush – a half triangle is probably the scientific term for it - that really picks up each hair so you don’t have to brush through a hundred layers of magic gel for it to actually work. Time saver: tick.
  3. Whilst we’re on that time saving hype, it also dries in about 10 seconds. Some take up to a minute. You do the maths.
  4. It leaves a glossy sheen in its wake which means you look like you NEVER miss your omega fish oil capsules – you wouldn’t dream of it – and every little bit of healthy goodness has made its way to your eyebrows.
  5. It’s translucent! So you can use it on its own if you’re naturally full of brow or as a finishing touch on those that need a little pencil or powder. 

POW_ER TIP: Use it to brush away those annoying baby hairs on your hairline – no one will ever know.

There aren't only five good things about it - there are truly far more - but these are the ones you need to know. Go get this little tube of brow heaven.

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