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8 beauty gifts to add to your Christmas List now
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We’re all about treating yourself every month of the year. Whether that’s buying yourself one of our subscription boxes or another best-of-beauty gift, make it your obligation to treat yourself because, obv, you deserve it. You’re about to give presents to literally everyone you know, so what’s one more for yourself? Check out these limited edition beauty products for a little inspiration:

Bobbi Brown – Limited Edition Caviar & Rubies eyeshadow palette£55

Whether it’s bold, smokey eyes you want or a natural wash of taupe, Bobbi Brown is always a go-to brand for the best eyeshadows. These shades literally look like sparkling gems and we’re loving the surprisingly wearable blue and red.

Burberry Beauty Box£50

A Burberry Beauty box? A box of four little treats – from nail varnish to mascara - to carry with you to your parent’s house, the in-laws, best friend’s NYE party and anywhere in between? We are sold and you will be too. Nails, lips and eyes covered.

Powder x NARS Beauty Drawer, £40

There isn't a person out there who wouldn't be happy with this joyous box of Nars wonder. You'll find 7 hero products inside - including their incred Copacobana highlighter, an Orgasm blusher and two, yes two, Laguna bronzers - liquid and powder! Plus find out how to create a look using each one, by watching our tutorial with one of their global artists.

MAC Snowball Classics Mini Kit£85

This year, the 12 days of Christmas is all about a different shade of lipstick every day. This kit has 12 of MAC’s bestselling shades – from hot pink to caramel nude – and caters for every lipstick lover out there.

Dior 5 Couleurs Precious Rocks Emerald eye shadow palette£43.50

There’s nothing better than having a Dior palette in your makeup bag. This one is inspired by emeralds and has a perfectly thought out mix of colour-popping greens and Christmassy gold tones to highlight the hell out of your inner eye.

Charlotte Tilbury Lip Masterclass Lip Kits£130

She’s not only one of the world’s best loved makeup artists but Charlotte Tilbury has also brought back old Hollywood glamour in a big way. In each of these lip kits (colours include reds, nudes and pretty pinks) you get a lip liner, lipstick and gloss as well as tips on how to apply.

Estee Lauder Victoria Beckham X Estee Lauder Lit Beauty Box£1,200

Yep, you are reading that price right. This is one of the most expensive limited edition makeup products on the market. Do you deserve it? Of course you do. Would we advise you to slap down rent money on products just for your face? We won’t judge. Look at the black box and imagine it sitting all elegantly on your dressing table as you pick up a lipstick or metallic eyeshadow and dress your face in fanciness.

Guerlain Gold Palette£59

They don’t come much better than a Guerlain palette. Blend the molten bronze shadows onto your eyelids (and add a gold glint for evening) and buff the pretty peachy blushers onto apples of cheeks for a just-out-of-the-cold glow. We’re in love.

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