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Coloured mascara - not just for kids
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Gone are the days when brightly coloured mascara was reserved for the really young, festival-goers and fancy dress. Even the big beauty players in the industry, like Givenchy and Chanel, now have bright blues and greens in their collections. But while it may now be socially acceptable to rock a yellow lash, you really ought to be clued up as to whether a certain colour is going to enhance your look or leave you looking a seriously ill (there’s a reason why conjunctivitis is nicknamed pink eye).

The best way to figure out which colour suits you best is to look at the colour of your eyes. We spoke to Givenchy’s Guest Ambassador, Neil Young, about how coloured mascara can enhance your beauty look.

“Coloured mascaras are an incredibly simple, yet effective way of brightening the eyes without the obvious use of makeup.” Young likes to layer the colour over an existing mascara, “this pumps up the volume and creates a dramatic, bold look.” He also suggests using black on the top to accentuate the eyes, but a bright colour on the bottom lashes to brighten the eyes.”

POW_ER TIP: Keep the rest of your makeup minimal. That way the colour will really stand out and you avoid looking like you’re getting ready for Halloween.

So which colour is best? We recommend sticking to a similar colour (if you have blue eyes go for a navy or a purple) or going for the colour that’s opposite on the colour spectrum.

Best colour mascara for blue eyes

If you like the cool tones of the blue, highlight them with gold, brown or orange mascara. If you’d prefer a bit of warmth, then go for pink (the brighter the better).

The opposite of blue is yellow – save that one for a sunny day.

Best colour mascara for green eyes

Similar shades will complement your eyes really nicely. Think camouflage colours, like khaki and greeny brown. If you want to intensify the colour, we dare you to go for the opposite – purple.

Best colour mascara for brown eyes

Blue mascara is the one for you. Which is incredibly lucky because most brands have a bright blue shade in their range. If you have light brown eyes then go for lighter shades, like turquoise. If you’re dark brown then you get to rock royal blue and navy.

Best colour mascara for hazel eyes

You’re incredibly fortunate as you’re a little bit green and a little bit brown, so you can wear a lot of the above. But the colour that will really make your eyes sing is burgundy - this will bring out the earthiness.

Best colour mascara for grey eyes

Gosh, grey eyes you lucky things! You already have that mystical ethereal look down to a tee, but if you feel like perking it up then pinks will make the silver in your eyes pop.

Now you know which shades to go for, it’s time to find the mascara…

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