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The concealer trick everyone forgets
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Silly season has arrived. No other time of year has us saying YES to cocktails on a Tuesday or stuffing ourselves with twice the amount of food. But amongst the 2am bedtimes and mid-day drinking, there is a crucial tip we all forget.

You might have a new Mansur Gavriel bag on Santa’s wishlist but it’s the unwanted bags under your eyes that are more of a problem. The reason why you see it more there is because the skin is much thinner than the rest of your face making it more transparent. Tiredness and alcohol cause the blood vessels to dilate forming dark circles and salty canapés at the Christmas party retains water under eyes.


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Although the instant thing to do is to slap on an eye cream and apply copious amount of concealer, we often forget the triangle technique.

Hands up if you apply a half moon shape to cover bags? This actually makes them worse. Instead try this to look as fresh as you would after a 3 day detox:

1. Choose a concealer that’s lighter than your natural skin tone, but no more than a shade or two. You want to create highlights but not a wash out. 

2. Draw an upside-down triangle under your eye with concealer bringing the point right down to the bottom of your nose. Extending the triangle stops the raccoon look of super light rings around your eyes. It extends the light and lifts cheekbones to create a more seamless coverage.


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3. Fill in the middle and the tap (don’t rub – that tugs at the skin which causes wrinkles) with your ring finger as this has the lightest touch to blend, but also stimulates lymphatic drainage to take down puffiness.

Sadly this does nothing for the pounding head and nausea but you’ll certainly look a lot better than you feel. 

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