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This is the coolest skin care trend of the year!
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Magnets. No no, not the leaning tower of Pisa you have on your fridge or the things from school science experiments, we're talking about the ones found in skincare. Yes, skincare!

A strong contender for the coolest beauty trend of the year, removing a face mask with a magnet is as effective as it is amusing.  You apply the mask as normal and once it is ready to come off, you hover a magnet over it, which pulls the product up and off from your face. We’re not gonna lie, it’s pretty cool.

Intrigued, we gave Lancer’s Younger Revealing Mask Intense a go to see if magnetic masks are really worth the hype. Lancer’s offering comes with four mask applications and each is generous enough to cover your entire face, neck and décolletage (which makes the £210 price tag slightly more bearable). The consistency is similar to that of a creamy mud mask, but Lancer’s is packed with a retinoid for some serious skin smoothing and anti-ageing effects along with iron to make the mask magnetic.

The mask feels a little tingly on the skin (a good sign that the ingredients are doing their thing) and is left on for 10 minutes. Once the time is up, you hover the provided magnet an inch away from your face and voila, as if by magic, it lifts the mask from your skin. Cue the oohs and ahhs.

The main perks of magnet removal:

The micro currents caused during the magnetic removal stimulate the skin (you can feel a slight tickly sensation as the magnet pulls the mask off) leaving you with a brighter, healthier complexion.

It also pulls dead skin cells and impurities off in the process, and because no water is involved, it doesn’t wash away all of the goodness you’ve just applied to your face. Once the mask is whizzed off by the magnet, it actually leaves a clear, velvety film on that absorbs into your skin – no need to wash away.  

Apart from anything else, it’s just MUCH less messy.

The result? Skin is left plumped and velvety soft, fine lines are blurred away and skin is left brighter. Magnets – we didn’t know you had it in you.

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