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Could this be the reason your hair won’t shine?
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Glossy, TV advert hair is for most, about as real as unicorns. However hard we try to emulate, our hair remains stubbornly dull and disinteresting, particularly in winter when even there is no sun to shine a spot light on it.

As we have a bleak six months of winter ahead of us, we’ve got to the root of the problem now to ensure our hair has some sparkle through the coming months. These are the real reasons why your hair isn’t shining.  

Your hair is too dry           

Dry, brittle hair that’s lost its mojo is severely lacking in good oils that will naturally condition hair in order for it to shine. Easily rectifiable, apply a super conditioning mask once a week – preferably when you are straight out of the shower as the steam opens pores in hair making the mask penetrate deeper.

Your hair is curly

When hair sits flat it can reflect light much more easily which is why curly hair struggles to shine. If straight hair isn’t your style, mix a bit of conditioner and water into and spray and spritz over hair. Hydrated, frizz-free hair will have more chance of shining.

You’re using the wrong brush

Not the first thing you think of, but the right brush can dramatically amp up shine. A boar bristle brush polishes hair by evenly distributing oil from the scalp right down the strand to give a natural gloss.

You’re using too much product

Bogging hair down with too much product will lead it to be foggy. To clarify, use a deep cleansing shampoo, which will lift off layers of product clouding hair, but also promote healthy hair to grow from your scalp.

You’re not eating the right food

Including enough good oils (olive oil is a goodie) and omega in your diet will help promote healthy hair growth. Because when hair is healthy, it glows.

You’re shower is too hot

Piping hot water strips hair of moisture leave it dry and dull. If you can bear it, do your cold final rinse. It’ll clamp down cuticles so they’re flat and can reflect more light.  

We don’t know about you but we’re doing at least one of the above… 

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