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Dr Stefanie Williams: party season skin recovery tips
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We all overdo it in December; it's part and parcel of the festive season. And as a result, your skin has probably taken a bit of a beating and is looking somewhat off, so to speak. We're with you. So thank goodness that we have access to the wisdom of Dr Stefanie Williams, Medical Director of Eudelo London, who has this to say about January skin...

"We all want our skin looking picture perfect in the New Year, but the reality of the non-stop party season can take its toll on our skin. Drinking more than normal and indulgent party food, combined with cold weather and central heating can wreak havoc on our complexions, leaving skin dry, flaky, dull and looking older that it should.

My top tips:

Keep skin glowing by avoiding dryness 

One of the key factors in keeping skin looking and feeling healthy during the winter months is to take preventative steps against dryness. Dry skin can cause a host of unpleasant issues during winter including flaking, eczema, cracks and dehydration lines. Dry skin is also often ‘dull’ in appearance – the surface is less smooth so doesn’t reflect the light as well. 30-40% of the population report suffering with dry skin and this can be caused by a variety of factors. 

In dry winter skin, the skin’s barrier function is less effective, which can lead to an increased tendency for irritation and possible reactions to skin products. For this reason, it’s best to minimise contact with soap and instead use a creamy emollient cleanser or (for the body) bath oil instead. 

Lastly in the winter months, make sure to take an omega-3 fish oil supplement as well as a good collagen supplement (ideally 10g bovine collagen each day), which will help from the inside out.

Avoid hot baths 

After a brisk walk home in the freezing cold, it’s tempting to jump straight into a steaming hot bath, but don’t do it! Baths and showers should be kept as short as possible and water should ideally be lukewarm if you suffer with dry skin. Mesh sponges, abrasive scrubs and woven face cloths should also be avoided in dry winter skin as they may aggravate the problem.

What what you eat and drink

After the indulgent Christmas party season, it makes sense to try a clean start by avoiding junk food, sugary foods and excessive alcohol as much as possible. It goes without saying that smoking is also a massive no-no. The consequences of this skin-unfriendly lifestyle just should not be ignored. Up your water intake and make sure to eat lots and lots of antioxidant rich foods and plenty of good fats such as nuts (not the sugar-coated type!), avocados, coconut and olive oil. This will lead to a less frightening sight when you look in the mirror first thing in the morning.

Don’t forget your beauty sleep 

Always try to get eight hours sleep at night to give your skin cells a chance to optimise repair and regeneration. Stress and sleep deprivation cause cortisol levels to go up, which are detrimental for your skin and lead to premature skin ageing. Make sleep a priority in 2018.

Wash & Go  

No matter what, make sure to cleanse your face and remove your make-up properly at the end of the day. Cleansing wipes are a no-go for me. Quick cleansing with water, a good cleanser and your hands is quicker than using wipes anyway."

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