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The detox juice you need for summer
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The word detox conjures up all kinds of horrors, doesn't it? From having to down weird cleansing drinks to feeling iffy and tired during the early stages. We're not fully onboard with the idea of going through hell to feel a teensy bit better/ look a little bit thinner (and in our experience, anything too draconian just leaves us lusting after the 'bad' stuff – hello 3am Mars Bar mainlining session...).

We are, however, all for nourishment and trying to pack our bodies with nutrients to shove out tiredness, bloatedness and that all-pervasive 'meh' feeling. The addition of raw, fresh ingredients rather than deprivation is a sustainable approach that is backed by scores of nutritionists notably, master herbologist Elizabeth Peyton-Jones. It's perfect for those days when you feel off your A-game and need a boost.

(Bonus: it tastes good, is easy to make and doesn't cost the earth in ingredients).

All you need are carrots and limes (seriously, that’s it!).

Carrots because ‘they are possibly one of the most nourishing vegetables we have. They cleanse the intestines, are a diuretic, remineralise, are full of iron, AND they taste completely and utterly delicious (questionable),’ explains Peyton-Jones.

Limes because ‘they’re a very powerful ingredient’ (the dark horses – we thought they were only good for gin and tonics). ‘To give you an idea of the amount of vitamins in them, just consider that they single-handedly eradicated scurvy on ships! Though we may now not have to contend with scurvy, we still need the metabolic-boost, vitamin C and micro-nutrients are contained in lime and it also adds a touch of sharpness to the juice to cut through the carrot.'

Here’s how you do it:

1. Simply blend five or six peeled carrots and an entire peeled lime.

2. Add turmeric or ginger if you like a little spice (plus both are antioxidants and anti-inflammatories so will help reduce joint pain and make skin glow).

3. Top up with water and slurp.

Done deal.

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