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The brush that blends foundation in 2 seconds flat
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Often overlooked in our makeup bags are our brushes. Some of us rely entirely on our fingers while others have a whole host of different tools to apply the liquids, creams, gels and powders that we’ve become accustomed to. But what if there was a particular type of bristle that ensured every last speck of foundation was perfectly blended in under 10 seconds? You guessed it...

What you need to know

Artis, which means ‘skill’ in Latin for all the Caecilius fans out there, are brushes that do exactly what I mentioned above. They look suspiciously like weird toothbrushes but, actually, they range in size and blend everywhere from your face to your eyes and lips.

What makes them different from other brands that have tried to mimic them is the patented man-made fibres that come in their hundreds of thousands (more than any other brush), pick up just the right amount of product and disperse it evenly all over the face. Because of the shape of the brush and the softness and flexibility of the fibres, it hugs every facial contour you’ve got, meaning no area is missed and perfect foundation is yours.

The guy who created them, a former senior vice president at MAC named Matthew Waitesmith, saw a gap in the market for brush innovation. After all, how many brushes do we have and how many of them are exactly the same and flake everywhere? It’s difficult to apply makeup like a pro and his belief is that tools are made to make things easier, not harder. And he’s thought about everything. While most brushes are made with makeup artists in mind – i.e. to be used on other people not yourself – these have handles that are designed to fit snugly into your palm, which makes applying on your own face easy as pie.

Really, it’s tools like these that make the case for the fact that it’s how you apply makeup rather than the the finish or texture of the actual product itself. I’ve tried even the most cakey, drying foundations with this brush and somehow I manage a dewy finish. I’m sure it’s witchcraft. And, you can use them with literally every texture out there - creams, liquids, powders, they all work.


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Which brushes are best?

These don’t come cheap – but really, you only need one. The best all-rounder is the Artis Oval 8, £67, because it’s big enough to do proper face foundation in very little time but slightly cheaper than the larger Oval 10, £78, that is big enough to blend body makeup and the like. If you’ve got a smaller face or are forever broke then the Oval 6, £57, makes a slightly more affordable option. I started with the Oval 6 and found it the perfect size for blending creamy blushes, bronzers and highlighter, though slightly too small to do a quick job on the foundation – but it can still be done! For the die-hards, may I recommend the Ten Brush Set, coming in at a slightly flush £362 but nonetheless a whole selection of the finest brushes around. This one has the baby Artis’ with small, round brush heads that make it easy to apply eyeshadow and contour the eye socket too.

Where you can find them

The Artis website, Net-a-Porter, Space NK, Harrods

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