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Drop everything, Chanel’s got a new foundation
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We’re only 18 days into 2016 but we think we might have found our foundation of the year already. Bold statement. This weekend (put your fingers in your ears) Chanel launched their new ‘Les Beiges Healthy Glow Foundation’ - you may now scream. You’ll probably remember the hysteria surrounding the Les Beige range that reached fever pitch by the time the ‘Healthy Glow Fluid’ launched. Now there’s a foundation to add to the Les Beige mega-mix. We predict a department store riot.

In the interests of ‘try before you buy’, we’ve had a play and put it through the Powder test. Our thoughts…

The bottle:  Decent sized bottle. The pump is less fiddly than those fussy old pipettes. One pump will give you a light coverage, two are enough for something heavier – a bottle should carry you through a couple of months, no sweat.

The application: Creamy and spreadable - more or less dreamsville to apply. It’s slightly thicker than we expected, so blend it with your fingers first and then buff with a brush or sponge.

The finish: Not a cake maker. It dries sheer and ever so slightly matte… You look like a green juice guzzler with excellent skin. It’s quite the ‘no make-up, make-up,’ in all it’s magical glory.

The coverage: A luminous foundation is never going to be a big hitter in the coverage stakes, but this is perfecting enough for you to only need touch-up concealer on the extra bits you want to cover.

The wear time: Light foundations haven’t got the stamina of their heavy, matte counterparts (but to be honest, that’s not what we buy them). This will absolutely see you through the day, but you’ll need a touch up if you’re going out for the evening.

The colour range: There’s a comprehensive range of shades to choose from if you’re in the fair/medium or olive spectrum (14 in all) but it doesn’t cater for darker skins.

Bonus: This one includes Kalanchoe. For those who aren’t familiar with this ingredient (basically, everyone?!), essentially this means it’s good at hydration and also has antioxidant properties. So it’s a foundation that helps to rid skin of toxins and encourages it to be more independent and glow for itself.

Avoid if… You’ve got oily or spot-prone skin. It’s a hydrator and quite the glow getter - so it might highlight both of those things.

The price: Yup, it’s Chanel (£36 for those who were wondering), but you can get a sample pot from a counter before you commit.

Powder verdict? If you’ve got dull skin, are in need of a kick up in the glow stakes, feel like you’re skin looks a bit knackered, or you want skin that looks as healthy as your smug facialist’s… Buy it!

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