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The easiest diet we’ve ever tried
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If your instagram feed is littered with smug diet overachievers who post pictures of their chia seed breakfast and kale salad lunch (#eatcleantraindirty #fitspo) whilst you tuck in to a Pret baguette, trying not to remember your new year’s diet resolution that failed on January 3rd, then we have a little pick me up for you.

Life is genuinely too short to be soaking wholemeal oats and milking almonds so when we discovered we could get all the health benefits without the faff we jumped at the chance.

The Pure Package delivers meals to you door in a neat little cool bag. It’s a bit like when your Mum used to go away for the night and leave meals bagged up in the fridge with a label on saying ‘lunch’ etc. You have your three meals for the day, plus snacks and drinks with a menu attached to the bag. It’s delivered fresh each day - all you have to do is stick to it.

There are various packages to choose from (weight loss, mother and baby, training support, vegetarian and many more) and you can select the number of days you want to do it for.

Here’s our verdict:


  • Arrived on my doorstep  (not having to carry loads of shopping bags home with ingredients was a massive tick) 
  • It was packaged so well in a cool bag with ice packs to ensure it didn’t spoil
  • The containers were great as they didn’t take up to much space in my fridge (tupperware rather than large trays)
  • It had a letter explaining which foods were for each meal and the benefits they gave you (who knew Blueberries get their blue colour from anthocyains, which may also reduce the risk of heart disease?). 
  • The snacks where my favourite treats throughout the day. It totally took my mind off nipping out for a chocolate bar.
  • It was easy to do as you just had to heat up your meals which saved so much time.
  • I felt full after the meals (even though I did the 1,200 option fat loss option)
  • I noticed I felt less bloated and sluggish. I had so much more energy than before which was great.


  • Perfect for a week cleanse… but expensive for a long term diet option 
  • You can’t state that don’t like certain ingredients only allergies/intolerance. For example I don’t like mushrooms and a lot of the dishes included this 
  • The delivery time is between mid-night and 6am. Hard if you don’t have a concierge and they prefer not to deliver to a work address

Who’s the smug one now… #shredded

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