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The EASIEST smokey eye
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Admit it. You always feel envious of your best friend whenever she rocks up to a bar with perfect smokey eyes. Just how does she manage to strike that goddamn perfect (and seemingly impossible) balance between sophisticated and sexy?

As with most rolled out of bed, #IWokeUpLikeThis looks, they actually take a surprising amount of precision. You can’t just smear eye shadow over both eyelids and call it smokey (well you can but it might look a little wild!). There’s an art to this smudging malarkey.

If we’re honest, we’ve probably read and been told about the technique more times than we’ve boiled the kettle but for some reason it never sticks. So we’ve come up with the simplest three step plan so you never have to ask, “how do you do a smokey eye again?”

Here goes…

1. Start by covering your lids with the lightest eye shadow you’ve got. Blend outwards to soften; remembering to smudge a little beneath your bottom lashes for extra intensity (you can do this with your fingers or a sponge top – whatever you have to hand).

2. Blend a darker shade along your lashes, building intensity as you get to the corners (this doesn’t have to be black, try plum, navy, brown, grey – we love a metallic. Play around with it; it’s actually pretty fun). Remember, you shouldn’t be able to see any harsh lines, it should be really soft so use a cotton bud or a smudge brush to blend at the corners of your eye and along bottom lashes.

3. Then use a simple kohl, along your lower lash line. For a more graphic look, try a liquid eyeliner as close to the base of your upper lashes as possible and blend onto the eyelid with your finger. Complete with a couple of coats of mascara – more if you’re really going for it.

And there you have it. Learn it, study it, recite it – there will never be an excuse to ask ‘hey how do you get a smokey eye?’ ever again. EVER.

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