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The easiest way to treat chapped lips
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Last week we heard ‘Happy New Year’ every other second - this week in Powder HQ it’s been replaced with ‘has anyone got a lip balm?’ We’ve counted at least three already this morning and its not even 11am yet! Chapped lips season has well and truly arrived folks.

The reason why lips are the first to suffer is because they loose more moisture than any other part of the face. Skin there is nearly five times thinner so it’s trickier for lips to hold onto hydration and they're much more exposed - hence the dry, flakiness.  

Whilst a lip balm is the obvious solution, there are other ways to avoid looking like Halloween came early vibe. 

Here are our top tips for smooth lips;

  • If you’re using a salicylic acid cleanser (or any other oil stopping ones often used for treating acne) apply a lip balm before cleansing. What works on oily skin is often too harsh for lips and makes them drier.  
  • Very gently exfoliate. If a pricy scrub is too much of a pinch (as for most of us, it is) mix a table spoon of brown sugar with olive oil until it turns into a paste. Rub over lips to loosen flakes (not too much so it scratches) then rinse with warm water. Follow with a balm.
  • Water + hydration, right? Well yes, but licking lips lifts off natural oils as saliva evaporates. As soon as lips start to feel tight smother on a waxy lip balm rather than licking them. 
  • Beeswax balms work like bouncers, shielding lips to keep cold air or sun damage out and moisture in. Avoid any with perfume in though (unless it’s natural). Alcohol in scent is super drying so counter-productive. 
  • January dieters will be at an advantage. Lowering your intake of salt and drinking plenty of water will keep your body topped up with as much moisture as possible from the inside. 
  • We know it’s tempting (really really tempting) but try not to pick at dead skin. This irritates skin around you lips and cause bleeding/cracks - none of which are cute.
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