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Are you worrying about grey hairs? We have the answer to all of your problems.
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From the moment you find your first grey hair to the moment you wander down the distressingly confusing colour aisle with ridiculous photoshopped women, grey hair is always a big old pain the arse. Typically in-salon touch ups are either super expensive, or take a long time, so most of us make do with hiding greys with a box of hair dye and our heads over the bathroom sink. Which in itself is a mahoosive rigmorale - will you get the right colour? What if it goes wrong? This definitely doesn't smell like it's good for my hair. Well we are incredibly happy to announce that all of this is about to change, because Josh Wood – the King of Colour – has just launched his own range of at-home hair colour. And it’s going to make covering grey hair a lot easier and more enjoyable.

Not many of us have the dollar to get our colour done by Wood, who does Elle Macpherson, Saoirse Ronan, Poppy Delevingne and Kylie Minogue’s hair, but who better to put his hand to this than someone with three decades of experience?!?! Now we can all have a piece of him. "When I started this project, we did some reaseach with real women all over the U.K.,' he explains 'and I was shocked by how many of them admitted to being frightened of home-colour and intimidated by the amount of options on the shelves. I want to put an end to this fear."

What makes this range different to all the other at-home boxed hair dyes?

It all starts with The Tech Tool – an online platform with a quick consultation that’s a bit like chatting with Josh on Facebook Messenger. Fill out the questionnaire to ensure you're matched up with the right shade and products for your hair type, skin tone and general day-to-day lifestyle. There are also incredibly handy how-to videos and instructions that you can get up on your phone, pop it on the side of your sink so that you're being led down the right path the whole time. Once you’ve got your shade, you can either order straight from the website or head to your nearest Boots. You’ll be able to find your colour easily, as each shade range is colour coded.





What are the products like?

Firstly, considering Josh Wood does the colour for many a celebrity and shows, like Alexander Wang and Versace, during fashion week his range is very affordable. The most expensive product in the range is £15. Bloody bargain.

Secondly, the range is extensive, but by no means overwhelming. You have your permanent colour that comes in 12 shades - from the darkest brown to the lightest blonde - which is aimed at covering 100% of your grey. This is not one of those packs that transforms your look from brunette to Scandi blonde in under an hour whilst you watch an episode of Grey’s Anatomy. It's purely grey-maintenance.

There are whizzy on-the-go products – the Blending Brush, the Root Smudger, the Tinted Dry Shampoo and the Root Marker that you can literally colour your greys in with. And then there’s the after care – specific shampoos and conditioners based on colour and texture, the Everything Mask, which wraps your hair in nutrients and love, and the Shade Shot that either warms or cools your colour.

Don't even bother with other at-home hair-colour. This is affordable, approachable and it works. If it's good enough of Kylie Minogue, it's good enough for us.

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