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Skin Notes
Everything you need to know about pores
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No skincare problem is more maddening than pores. We’ve actually seen women have full-blown tantrums about them (seriously – magnifying mirror smashing and everything).  Whatever we seem to do to them they just hang around, unwanted.

The funny (or perhaps infuriating) thing is that most people don’t actually notice your pores. How many times have you said to your friend ‘I don’t know what to do about my MASSIVE pore situation!’ only to hear the response, ‘Why? You can’t even see them.’ We could cry just thinking about how annoying that comment is when we’ve spent all morning up-close to the mirror examining every inch of our skin.

The sad fact is that we will always have pores on our face. They’re never going to ‘go’ or ‘shrink’. Our skin needs them as a passageway to get rid of oils and to breathe. So stop obsessing over airbrushed photos of A-list actresses and their perfect skin. It’s not real, ok? (We were mainly talking to ourselves here…).

Instead, commence on our pore management strategy…


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1. Get exfoliating
The reason pores look bigger is because they’re clogged full of daily grime and oil build up. It stretches them into a bowl shape, which makes the skin look uneven. Although you can’t actually shrink the size of them (they’re not muscles so can’t contract), removing anything that’s blocking them up makes them appear much less obvious. It’s all smoke and mirrors this beautifying malarkey.

2. Primers will make your life a better place
You know when make-up starts to melt off during the day and pores make their unwanted, greasy appearance? It’s because your body temperature rises throughout the day so pores open. Using a primer before make-up works like poly-filler to even out skin and provide a bit of grip to hold everything in place. No oil, no fat pores.


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3. Green tea is not just a drink…
If you put cooled tea bags over the areas of your skin where pores are at their biggest this helps to purify and brighten skin which blurs pores to the naked eye. Although you’ll look like a bit of loon doing it, and it can get messy.

4.  SPF has found yet another talent…
Yes we’re going to bang on about how brilliant it is again. If you leave your skin exposed to the sun, collagen production can be damaged (meaning skin loses its bounce and structure – hello dilated pores!) and it slows down cell production which means skin gets lazy and pores become thicker and more noticeable. So yeah, suncream’s great.

5. Retinol, retinol, retinol
If you’re going to use any topical treatment make sure it contains some of this. It’s a vitamin A derivative that a. Increases collagen to give skin back it’s structure (supported pores won’t expand so much) and b. It slows down oil production which leads to less clogging and smaller looking pores.

Magnifying glasses away…

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