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The extra skincare step you never knew you needed
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Every so often, a brand launches something that sends us giddy with excitement. This month, it was Bobbi Brown’s Remedies. With the departure of Bobbi herself from her eponymous brand at the end of last year, we are pleased that the company has brought a smile to our faces once more.

Remedies is the brand’s tailored skincare range – a collection of five treatment serums and a balm, aimed at tackling the things that niggle us the most; dehydration, lackluster and damaged skin, blemishes and clogged pores, irritation and redness. These clever guys are an additional step to your daily routine (after your normal serum), which might seem a bore - but believe us, totally worth it.

The potent ingredients, like Seabuckthorn Oil to clarify and Red Algae to calm, are heavily concentrated so really do pack a punch. Put to the test, 88 out of 100 women who used Skin Relief No80 said that their skin felt less irritated after four weeks. Those are figures we can get on board with.

They come in really sweet little pipette bottles (a beautiful addition to any bathroom cabinet in our opinion) and cost £29.50 each. We’re sold. Give them a bash!

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