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Why I love eye gloss so much
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I hate lip gloss so much. I don’t think I’m alone in this either. How annoying is it that everything, everything, sticks to it?! Your hair, fluff from your jumper, your other lip. I mean I just cannot see the appeal. Soz.

So when eyegloss became ‘the thing to do’ this season, I wasn’t that chuffed. I’m against putting sticky crap on my lips, why on earth would I do it to my eyelids?! Yuck. But then Bobbi Brown sent me their summer collection, which included their limited edition eye gloss, and my life changed forever. The thing is you just have to find the best eye gloss and you have to know how to wear them.

I tried Bobbi Brown's one on my hand and to my surprise, it was smooth and not at all as tacky as I thought it would be. I then gave it a bash on my eyes. I was using the Beach Nude shade, which is a pinky beige essentially the colour of my lids. Paired with a slick of jet black mascara and oh my god I looked insane - so friggin’ high fashion and chic. I was obsessed and preceded to wear it all the time – to the bank, to work, to birthday parties. I then found out that this Bobbi Brown one wasn’t the only around…

Kevyn Aucoin The Exotique Diamond Eye Gloss in Moonlight, £30.50

Texture wise, this is as far away from a gloss as you could imagine, it feels more like a balm, so you can dab it on with your fingertips as you would your lip balm. It’s completely clear with iridescent blue flecks in it, so I’d suggest wearing this on a night out, rather than to a meeting with your boss. Much better it sparkle in the nightclub strobe lights than horrible office strip lighting.

Mac Studio Eye Gloss, £16

Ok I’ll admit it this one is a sticky mother fu**er. BUT if you’re braver than me, then it’s worth trying out. There are four colours to choose from – a sparkly pink, a stunning gold (which I would recommend for festivals), a pearlescent white and a deep burgundy, which if you have black skin will look beyond cool. This product is always backstage at fashion week and could actually be worn anywhere on the skin for highlight.

butter LONDON Glazen Eye Gloss in Spark, £15

Two words for you: molten metal. Don’t even bother with one layer – this buildable formula, which has a jelly like texture that wobbles in its pot, needs at least three applications to reach that desired wet look. But as it’s the least sticky on the list, it won’t weigh down your eyelids.

NYX Lid Lacquer in Black, £6

Takes a smoky eye from zero to hero. I apply this with a brush close to the lash line, paying particular attention to the outer part of the lid where I take it up a little higher. Combined with a seriously smudged kohl liner and I’ve got myself a rock ‘n’ roll look that Kate Moss would be jealous of.

Photographer: Benjamin Madgwick, Makeup artist: Lan Nguyen-Grealis

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