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Life is so unfair. Just when hair starts to thin on your head it starts sprouting from your chin to seemingly compensate. Where is the justice in that?

Nowhere, it seems. Facial hair is one of the beauty ‘unmentionables’. So many women have it but it’s always been kept hush, hush. The fact of the matter is that not every area of our beauty lives can be all fluffy, bath oil and pink lipsticks - some parts are just plain old basic maintenance, like removing facial hair.

Of course you wouldn’t want to publicise your de-moustaching or sideburn blitzing regimes, but maintaining the various sprouting strands on our cheeks, upper lips and even chins (just us?) is a job all of its own, not least because the little blighters nearly always grow back!

What's more irksome is the fact that an increase in the darkening of facial hair is common as we age. "Some darker skin types naturally have more vellus (fine downy) hair from a young age," says A-list facialist Debbie Thomas, "but during pregnancy or menopause, it is common to suddenly get an increase. If hairs are light then ask yourself, 'does anyone else apart from me notice them?' We always over-analyse ourselves." Thomas recommends hot waxing or threading and for sporadic hairs, simply tweezers will do.

But looking like the latest member of Foo Fighters isn’t your only option. We’ve got tips to wax, zap or tweeze away the facial fuzz.


Waxing is a classic de-fuzzing choice, and no wonder - it's quick, clean, simple and the results last for weeks. If you're part of club wax but have sensitive skin, Veet's Natural Inspirations Face Precision Wax Strips, £5.99 or Parissa Face and Bikini Wax Strips, £8.79 are made with natural ingredients like pine tree resin and soothing shea butter. Neat and slender, they'll work on precise areas like your upper lip or chin particularly well, and can be heated up in the palms of your hand so make great travel companions too.

Hair removal cream

Hair removal creams sometimes suffer from a bad rep, but Nair's Argan Oil Facial Brush-on, £3.50 does away with all those issues. Think they're a bit messy? Nope, this handy pot has a brush built into the lid for swift application and no smeared spatulas to wash. Too drying? The argan oil-infused formula actually leaves skin feeling soft. Strong smelling? Well, nobody's managed to entirely do away with that telling scent just yet, but you only need to leave this on for three or so minutes, which pretty much anyone can cope with. It's cheap as chips too, and a pot will last 10 or more applications.


Yes, lasers are a pricier option than the others we've mentioned, but the results are also super longer lasting, in fact they're nigh-on permanent. If you have lots of dark downy hair and it really bothers you, something like the Iluminage Touch, £375 could be an investment worth making. Simply run the combined LED and Radio Frequency light over the affected area, once a week for six weeks to see around 90% hair reduction. It's totally painless, in fact it feels quite warm and relaxing, and you can use it on legs, bikini line, arms and anywhere else you fancy.


If you worry about the thickness of your facial hair, try the Inhibitif Face Serum, £19.99. It’s what's known as playing the long game, but it’s effective: Rub a drop or two into the affected area twice a day for a month or two and watch the growth thin out, and eventually disappear to the eye. No pain, no worrying about ingrown hairs, and very little investment required. Yes, you'll have to put in some time, and while not actively offensive the scent isn't great, but you'll truly be solving the root of the problem.

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