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Finally a facial massage we can ACTUALLY do
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There’s little that riles us up more than a piece of ‘easy to do’ beauty advice that in reality requires a doctorate to execute. We’re mainly talking about the YouTube clips where hair pros make a French Roll chignon in a couple of easy sweeps of the hair held by a single kirby grip – only for us to recreate a wholly unrecognisable knot with various tufts sprouting from the top. Enough said.

So when hearing about a ‘five minute facial’ we immediately thought of the facial gymnastics we’ve tried in the past when attempting to emulate the ‘simple’ tips and tricks we learnt at the spa. Refreshingly, Liz Earle, Founder of Liz Earle Beauty, heard our beauty prayers and came up with a nifty routine that woman can actually DO. (N.B. This is the Victoria sponge recipe of advice rather than the intricate baked Baked Alaska version, so continue reading - it’s easy, we promise).

Liz Earle explains, “If I'm tired and headachy at the end of the day, I do this five-minute routine which is fantastic for de-stressing the head and reviving your complexion. The most important part of the fingertip facial is the lymphatic draining movements. These small but precise moves help speed the flow of lymph through your face, immediately helping to reduce eye bags, boost blood circulation and encourage skin cell renewal.”

And if we’re honest, the thought of a new routine to master every night does satisfy our instinctive love of habit. We can’t help but want to practice and show off our new moves. Who’s with us?

Step 1: After cleansing and toning, apply a generous amount of facial oil or moisturiser to your palm and gently warm between both hands. Scoop the oil or cream with your fingertips and apply first to the décolleté. Work up the neck and face with the fingertips of both hands, using upward and outward movements. Press quite firmly, but comfortably. With us so far? On to the next…

Step 2: With the tips of your middle and ring fingers, start from the bridge of your nose and lightly stroke around the eyes, using sweeping movements upwards and around the sockets, along the rim of the orbital bones. Go round and round several times.

Step 3: Next, with your ring finger, gently press the inner corner of the eye, using fingertip tapping movements to work down and out across the curve of the cheekbones, up past your temples to the outer edge of your eyebrows. Repeat three to four times.

Step 4: Next up, using the tips of your thumbs and forefingers, gently pinch along each eyebrow, starting at the bridge of the nose and working outwards. Repeat at least twice.

Step 5: Finish by gently sweeping your fingertips up over the upper chest, neck and cheeks. When working on the chest and neck, it’s easiest to alternate one hand after the other, moving from side to side. Then put both sets of fingertips on your chin and sweep fingertips and palms over jaw and cheekbones.

Step 6: Finally, take a few moments to rotate your shoulders; also let your head droop from side to side and massage the upper neck area to relieve stiffness and tension. Finish by consciously relaxing your face - letting go of every tense, tired muscle - so any lines and furrows soften.

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