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Flashing the flesh this season?
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Hands up if you do this around this time of year: 1) Decide to wear a skimpy dress. 2) Panic because this means flashing a whole lot of skin that is either pasty or flaky. 3) Rummage in drawers for tights, only to find they all have ladders in them. 4) Have another rummage, this time for fake tan/shimmer/anything that will make skin look a bit better. 5) Revise step one, and opt for a outfit that offers head-to-toe coverage.

Sound familiar? Yep, we thought so. And we’ve decided to wage war: no longer will we – and you - have to agonise over baring skin that’s looking a little unloved. No. Here’s what to do instead…

Bust out the gradual tan. If you’re going to moisturise anyway, you might as well do it with something that adds a touch of tan, no? We alternate between a gradual tan and normal moisturiser to make sure it stays towards the ‘healthy glow’ end of the scale rather than 'baked'. Top tip from St. Tropez’s Tan Expert Jules Heptonstall if you end up streaky: ‘Soak in a bath oil – it’ll break down the composition of a tan – and remove using exfoliating gloves.’

Exfoliate everywhere. Pretty much everything that’s wrong with skin can be fixed with exfoliation. Flaky? Exfoliate. Sallow? Exfoliate. Chicken skin? Yep, exfoliation will even help to clear that up. Do it on dry skin with a body brush before showering or get a scrub that really sloughs off dead skin and gets the areas you can't reach.

It's ok to cheat a little bit. If you can’t fix it, hide it. Ideally, choose a product that nourishes the skin, is lightly fragrant and will look beautiful. Those we found that fit the bill are: African Botanics Marula Shimmering Gold Oil, Prismologie Pink O’Clock Body Balm and Sanctuary Spa Wonder Body.

Massages make you look better (honestly). A good massage will work wonders, according to Creator of Legology Kate Shapland: ‘Bare legs feel good, look great and are at their healthiest when the circulation, both lymph and blood flow – are optimised.’ Try taking a dollop of Legology Air-Lite and massaging it into legs. Start at the ankle and work your way up to optimise drainage.

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