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Foods that are more hydrating than water
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Lunging for an ice-cold water (ahem, cocktail) might be our default reaction on a hot day, but what if we told you that there are some things out there that are even more hydrating? What utter tosh you might be thinking – what could be more hydrating that water? Well, food apparently.

When cells are dehydrated they can’t perform at their A-game and so start to break down skin tissue (which you can see all over your face in the form of wrinkles). Bolstering skin with water makes cells much more efficient at keeping things looking youthful and plump.

Whilst slurping two litres of water a day will help, the water in food is filled with concentrated nutrients and contains molecules that help it to enter your cells and stay in there for much longer than drinking water alone.

Here’s what should be on your shopping list:

Cucumber: let’s start with the big guns - 97% water content in this bad boy.

Watermelon: oddly, it’s full of – well – water, but also packed with antioxidants that will counter any damage done by sun worshipping.

Iceberg lettuce: there’s a reason this makes your salad taste a bit watery – it has a 96% water content!  We know it’s not as tasty as fancy pants rocket or spinach BUT it’s hydrating and full of fibre (not to mention half the price).

Celery: not everyone’s favourite, but it has 95% water content and will neutralise stomach acid too.

Baby carrots: and yes, it’s a very important to distinguish between regular sized carrots – the babies have much higher water content and it’s most beneficial to munch them raw. When you boil veg it’s like taking a needle to the bubbles of water inside, making them leak out a lot of their moisture.

So make ours a double watermelon juice – now that will take a bit of getting used to…

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