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Fragrance Notes
The fragrance note that’s back in a BIG way
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There is something so appealing about a comeback kid. You can’t help but find comfort in familiarity or pride in replicating a ‘classic’. Currently we’re being hit with a '90s wave – the brown lipstick, mini skirts and crop tops, the Spice Girls are going back on tour – all we need now is to slap on a Baby G watch and hear Boyzone are about to regroup and we’re right back there.

Whilst we’ve been enjoying all of the above, our love of a '90s repeat reached fever pitch this week when we got a whiff of the new Jo Malone Basil and Neroli Fragrance. Basil might not be the first scent you think to spritz over yourself but Jo Malone revolutionized that twenty years ago when they launched Lime Basil and Mandarin (if you could bottle a warm Caribbean summer it would amount to this – fresh citrus notes and softened by the peppery basil – you can imagine for just a minute you live somewhere other than South East London). 

The new basil perfume Basil and Neroli has punchy florals bursting out of the bottle but the pinch of peppery basil adds a kooky twist to stop it being frilly or old fashioned. Think of it as the off-the-shoulder top, mom jeans wearing version of the fragrance world. Young, playful and fancy free.

Here are three fun ways to wear it:

1. In your hair.

Don’t believe the myths, a little spritz of perfume isn’t going to dramatically dry out your mane. Instead it lets out a burst of fragrance whenever you swish.

2. Spray your body not your clothes

We know it makes sense to spritz after you’ve got dressed as the scent is on top but applying it to skin won’t mean it’s buried underneath clothes. In fact the heat from your body helps perfume to radiate and also makes it last for longer.

3. Behind your knees

You know how the top of the house is always warmer than the chilly downstairs? Heat rises and so if you spritz fragrance lower down the body (particularly on a pulse point like behind the knees as the throbbing will quite literally push the scent out) it’ll rise and swarm around you. Way to make an entrance… 

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