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Is the French manicure back?
Is the French manicure back? Image Credit:

Ah French manicures. Nothing quite says stripper, glamour-model or ‘90s reject quite like them. They’ve been out of fashion for seasons – nay, years now. And have become a veritable beauty faux pas, in fact.

Whilst those Tipex-white tips might never return to prominence, the French manicure is making a tentative foray back into our lives – both on the catwalks and on the street – and what's clear is that it's all about how you upgrade it. Look, love and be inspired by our three canny ways to get a rocking French mani. And tweet us your nail inspo to @thisispowder if you do decide to give it a go.

1. Move your arch around

We loved what we saw at the Cushnie et Ochs SS15 show. Simply swap the traditional French manicure tip for a vintage arc at the nail bed to update the look. We're digging the metallic silver too.

2. Think texture…

Your re-imagined French mani doesn't have to be a contrast in colour, it can be a textural change too. Try a shiny vampish polish with a matte black tip. Goth luxe at its best.

3. Don’t worry about being neat

Who has the time to use those little stick on strips we used to create our French manicures at school? Nobody, that's who. So ditch the tidy lines and go ombré (see YouTube tutorials galore). It's quicker, it's less hassle and it's ultra-cool.

Give them a whirl!

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