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The French skincare brand that everyone should be using
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Behind a colossal black door, just off one of Paris’ busiest streets, lies a small sleepy courtyard that is home to one of the city’s best-kept secrets – the Darphin Vendôme Institute. With complexion-transforming facials, stunningly calm treatment rooms and a library area where you can drink tea and eat macarons, this little pocket of heaven perfectly reflects what makes Darphin, Darphin. It is so much more than a couple of face creams and a few serums. It’s a way of life. What else would you expect from our French friends?

What you need to know:

The brand was founded in 1958 by a clever chap called Pierre Darphin. Mr Darphin was a kinesiotherapist (a what now? Someone who uses movement therapy as treatment.) and using this theory he created an indulgent skincare line, which married well with his skin-sculpting facials that involved specific hand positions, pressure and rhythm. His method and products soon became the talk of the city and you couldn’t call yourself French if Darphin didn’t feature in your routine.

60 years later, Darphin is still leading the way with its facial massage techniques, chic heavy glass jars and hardworking formulas.

What you need to buy:

8-Flower Nectar Essential Oil Elixir, £98

As international facialist and skincare expert, Abigail James, says, “Darphin know their oils.” And they really do. Their Essential Oil Elixirs are their standout heroes, from the hydrating Rose to the new Vetiver – said to relieve stress (a must in any modern woman’s life). But the true icon is the 8-Flower Nectar oil, which is a punchy anti-ageing night treatment that nourishes skin while you sleep so that you wake up to a complexion that’s less rough, more firm and glowing with radiance. Apply it using their recommended application technique to feel the full benefits.

Hydraskin Intensive Moisturising Serum, £45

There are hydrating serums and then there’s Darphin’s Hydraskin Intensive Moisturising Serum. It looks and feels just like water when you pump it into your hand and glides onto skin like silk. It absorbs within moments and infuses the skin cells with water.

Aromatic Cleansing Balm, £35

No speck of dirt or slick of makeup will be left on your face after using this rich balm. If you could bottle Eau de Spa, this would be it. That’s because of the Ylang Ylang, Sage, Marula and Rosewood oils mixture. Work into the skin, again using your hands to warm it in, then add water to transform it into a milk.

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