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The future’s bright. The future’s this hair care regime.
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Thank goodness the New Year is here and with it the promise of something better (let’s be frank, we need 2017 to be much, much better. Last year was truly the pits, non?)

While we can hope for fewer celebrity deaths and no more shockingly dramatic political outcomes, we can guarantee that this year will be the year for healthier and happier hair.

Oh really?

Forget simply picking up a shampoo and conditioner on your weekly trip to Tesco and being on your way, this year things are far more high-tech and personal. You’ve already got a personalised skincare routine that you religiously stick to, thanks to that lovely facialist, your personal trainer designed a custom gym routine and meal plan (squats, lunges and protein balls anyone?) just for you, and you now know what makeup best suits your skin tone thanks to Powder (you are welcome!). Tailored health and beauty regimens aren’t new. But prescribed hair care based on your hair alone? That, friends, is a whole other kettle of fish.

How does it work?

Did you know that your hair has its own sort of fingerprint? (No, we didn’t either.) A unique profile that shows how bouncy, healthy and manageable it is. It’s this ‘fingerprint’ that helps the clever people at System Professional design you a bespoke plan of two to six products, known as your individual ‘EnergyCode™’, to transform your hair from meh to wowza!


Basically, pop into any System Professional salon, or go online, and they’ll ask you questions about you and your locks, things like ‘how often do you wash your hair?’ or ‘does it get greasy?’ By analysing your scalp (do you have dandruff? Is it sensitive when you brush?), hair fibre (do you get highlights? Are you addicted to your GHDs?) and texture (is it thick? Thin? Frizzy?), they’re able to draw up your ‘EnergyCode™’ based on your answers.  

Help, more info?

Let’s just say that you were given the code C1+R3+L4 (this probably looks like gobbledygook, but each one refers to a specific product in their smart system) then you’d be prescribed the Color Save Shampoo - to repair hair damaged by endless colouring, while also preventing premature fading - the Repair Mask - to mend fragile, brittle hair - and the LuxeOil Reconstructive Elixir - which works on boosting your hair from the inside out to leave it super shiny. There are 174 million possible combinations, so you’re unlikely to have the same as your housemate.

POW_ER Tip: We suggest keeping your products in a secret place in your room, away from light-handed friends and family.

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