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Who else has declared a state of national emergency at the thought of peeling off the 60 deniers and baring their pasty pins to the world? Us too. Yes, yes we know there was plenty of advice and work out plans three months ago to help ‘get legs summer ready’ but obviously we paid no attention as it was minus two outside and the last thing on our list of priorities was thinking about how great our legs could look in a mini skirt.

Agreed? Here’s your crash course to perfecting your pins, pronto…

Brush it off

There is no magical cure for cellulite (sob), but there are things you can do to play it down. If you’ve got a little more time ahead of hitting the beach, body brushing will boost circulation, help lymphatic drainage and exfoliate to smooth things over. Brush legs with long strokes towards the heart using a long handled body brush. Make sure to pay particular attention to the backs of your legs and bum where cellulite usually takes unwanted residence.

The cheapskate fix

So it might be too late to hit a legs bums and tums class (for this summer at least) but there is a quick (albeit temporary) fix for slightly swollen or a little heavy legs. Pop a fistful of dead sea salts into your bath as they’ll help drain any water retention and toxins to de-puff. Ok, so you won’t step out of the bath with a pair of legs like Giselle but they will look refined and feel less swollen. Plus, Epsom salts are the cheapest thing you can pick up (not the most glamorous we’ll admit but there’s no time for that, ladies!).

Get scrubbing, quick!

Do your legs look they’re cracking? It’s basically all of the dead skin cells that have been festering under your jeans for six months (ew). Use a heavy duty grainy or sugar scrub to really slough it all away and polish your pins up a bit. Ignore the instructions on the tub and apply to dry skin before you shower (using it on wet skin will only dilute the grit). Remember to really work it into the dead skin collection points - knees, ankles and thighs, we’re looking at you.

Moisturise, SNORE

Wait, you need moisturiser for super smooth skin? Quelle surprise! Sorry to state the obvious but moisturising your legs as often as possible is the only way to get them silky soft. If things are really desperate, swap in your moisturiser for a body oil, even just for a couple of weeks to soften them up.

Just fake it

If you've got bruises, spider veins or a generally uneven colour on your legs, there's no reason you can't pop a little make-up on like you would your face. MAC's amazing Face and Body Foundation, £28.50, is something we see on set at every photoshoot – the stuff is a lifesaver. It’s super hardwearing so won’t rub off on your clothes, is waterproof and totally natural looking too. Pass us a bottle – or two.

Now where’s that mini skirt?

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