` Givenchy Le Vernis collection is the best nail polish in the world |
> they’ve passed their shelf life), however Givenchy Beauty just re-launched their Le Vernis collection and we have promptly thrown away all other nail polishes.

Givenchy’s new nail collection is the best we've ever seen
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It’s very rare in life that we would ever tell you to get rid of beauty products (unless of course they’ve passed their shelf life), however Givenchy Beauty just re-launched their Le Vernis collection and we have promptly thrown away all other nail polishes.

This might seem drastic, but we've fallen head of heels in love. The 10-piece nail polish set consists of every single shade a person will ever require in life. Honestly. There’s no rogue yellow or offensive lime green, it’s the ultimate capsule collection. Need more convincing? Did you know that nail polish is actually good for your nails? Nails, and the colour your sport on them, speak volumes about who you are including a lot about your health. Think of this as a classic nail varnish wardrobe. Oh and the finish is also unreal - super high-shine and long-wearing.


Base & Top Coat: An essential that is so often overlooked. Not only is it better for your nails to apply a basecoat, but your varnish will last longer too when you pop it on top of your colour too.

Light Pink Perfecto: Naked nails are fine, but this super light nudey-pink will even out any discolouration and adds a little something. Use it when you don’t want to go bare, but still want to look well-groomed. It's like the pink base in a french manicure.

Pink Perfecto: This is your everyday colour. The baby pink a flash of colour, but a muted flash. It will go with every outfit and won’t overpower a look.

Noir Revelateur: We know some of you won’t go near a black nail, but trust us when we say they are CH-CH-CHIC and we won’t listen to the contrary. Gone are the days when black nails were an indicator for goth-culture.

Fuschia Irresistible: There is nothing more perky than a fuchsia mani. This will look great in the summer months when you’re making brighter wardrobe choices.

POW_ER TIP: If you’re tempted with nail art, paint your nails black and then use a cotton bud to paint on fuchsia dots in the middle of your nail. Or vice versa.

Framboise Velours: A perfect autumnal shade if we’ve ever seen one. Apply this purple as the leaves start to fall and the colour palettes darken.

Pourpre Edgy: An ideal shade for evenings that turn into long nights. Whether that’s spent on a date or on a night out, a deep berry shade is always a winner. Plus it looks a lot like wine, so will go well with a glass of Pinot Noir. That’s a recommendation straight from a Powder Beauty Editor.

POW_ER TIP: Build up the coats for more intensity. Three creates a super dark plum shade. WE LOVE.

Grenat Initie: This dark pink is a good all-year-rounder that we think looks particularly good on toes peeking out of peep-toes.

Carmin Escapin: Everyone, and we mean everyone, looks good with pillar-box red. It’s a classic colour and let’s be honest there’s something quite powerful about a red nail.

Mandarine Bolero: This is your holiday varnish. Coral goes with a tan like tea goes with milk. They compliment each other perfectly. Coral also has the incredible ability to make you looked browner even if you haven’t stepped out in the sun yet.

POW_ER TIP: This shade looks particularly good on toes; so don’t forget to book in for your pedicure before the holiday.

Le Vernis is available from 1st April. So we are giving you over a week’s notice to move some money around so that you can buy every single nail polish. They’re £18.50 each. We know that’s quite pricey, but we promise you won’t be disappointed. If you can’t do all 10, don’t worry, whichever one you pick will be a good choice.

Head to givenchybeauty.com on the 1st April.

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