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The glitter rules
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Make no mistake: a sparkly eye means business. It’s a look that says festivities, and maybe frolics, are on the menu. It’s a little bit irreverent, too – glittery make-up is not the choice of someone who’s taking themselves seriously that night. But over and above the fun factor, a bit of sparkle is enormously flattering. Eyes look bigger, wider and more youthful in one shimmer-filled swoop. And here’s how to get it right:

Don’t be put off by colour. Obviously gold, silver and bronze are the staples, but very few can pull off all 3. When choosing between them, the same old colour rules apply - if you’ve got light eyes and yellow undertones in your skin – the warmer tones in gold or bronze will flatter but if you have cooler undertones then opt for the silver. Dark eyes, regardless of skin tone, tend to suit a cooler silver best – gold can get a bit lost.  For something modern (because gold or silver makes you yawn) dabble with colour. Dare you.  If nervous about trying this one, choose a colour closer to your usual eyeliner… a silvery black, a rich mauve or if you’re feeling brave – just go for it with cobalt blue.

If you’re going for a liner, ditch the flicks. Sure, they look awesome with an opaque block colour, but glitter flicks can go a bit grainy. Applying a thin, glittery band along your upper or lower lash line is the most ‘adult’ and infallible way to wear this one, but stop at a blunt end at the corners of your eyes. Finish with a few rounds of mascara and you’re good to go.

Size matters. If glitter is a big beauty step for you then it’s only natural to go with something subtle and more in the realms of tiny glitter particles. And yes, this would be more than workable if you have wide eyes and fairly visible lids. The smaller stuff isn’t, however, always the best way to go if your eyes are hooded or narrow-set. Instead get out the (eyelash) glue gun and stick a sequin or two onto the outer corner of your eyes.

Glitter’s great for top ups. If you’re attached to your eye shadow or wouldn’t dream of leaving the house without a smoky eye, you can still have the best of both worlds – just apply your shade and then press glitter (we tend to use the same colour as the shadow but you don’t have to) onto the centre of your eyelid for a cheeky flash of shimmer when you blink. If you’re not really an eye shadow wearer, try putting a small amount of nude over the lid before the glitter as it gives it a bit more grip.

Power Tips for how to apply it (sans any mess):

If you have loose glitter… apply a small amount of lash glue (or cream eye shadow if your skin is on the sensitive side) and then push the glitter into the eye with your fingers, rather than using abrush. If you’ve got oily skin, be super careful not to let glitter leave your eye lid – anything on the skin can make it look shiny. Other skin types, knock yourself out.

If you have glitter eyeliner… Again, using the applicator, push the liner into the eyelid and follow the lash line, rather than dragging it - as the glitter particles can look sparse. This takes some adjusting if you’re used to liquid liner but well worth shaking up your technique for.


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