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Green tea bath anyone?
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Beauty editors have been banging on about the how brilliant green tea is for years. It’s been lumped into that ‘it’s really good for you’ category along with things like green juice and kale. But why is it so wonderful? We all know it’s packed with antioxidants but warding off cancer? Who knew!

Green tea’s been used in Chinese medicine for the past 400 years to ward off anything from cancer to the common cold. It contains a compound that works the same way as an anti-inflammatory drug would. But not only do they drink it as often as we drink a cup of Tetley, they actually bathe in it. It’s the beauty secret that helps them to retain moisture and tighten up pores.

We aren’t suggesting the only way to reap the skincare benefits is by chucking a packet of green tea bags into your running bath (although please feel free), there’re a much simpler techniques. See below for our top tips to get the best out of your bag:

Over eyes: Ditch the cucumber and cold spoons, applying two tea bags to your under eyes will drain puffiness and correct dark circles in a way you thought only a twelve hour sleep could.

On your T-zone: Enlarged pores are a common problem for oily skin types. Used as a toner, green tea helps to control oil production, which makes pores look tighter and more refined.

Treat acne: Brew some green tea bags and leave to cool. Apply the bags to your face (like you would a face mask) and leave on the skin for around 15 minutes. You might look bonkers, but doing if every day will help prevent breakouts.

Drink up: The powerful antioxidant neutralises free radicals attack cells, which cause anything from wrinkles to cancer.  If you hate the taste, try alternating it with your normal cup of tea. We've trained ourselves to love it.

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