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A hair brand that doesn't judge
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Hairdressers don’t really like me. It’s nothing personal (kind of), it’s because they spot my bleached blonde long tresses walking through the door of the salon, ready for a blow-dry and immediately want to take an inch off my ends. They sit me down, sweet talk me and bribe me with glasses of Prosecco, then scold me when I tell them the last time I had a trim was early 2015.

It all started when I went away in-between school and university. I bleached my hair for the first time in New Zealand over a sink in a dingy hostel and since then I’ve never looked back (apart from a brief stint as a full on brunette, which incidentally went green). During that time I also didn’t get it cut for eight months, which was incredibly freeing (I even sprouted two little dreadlocks, which my mother cut out two hours upon landing back in the UK.) Whilst I avoid DIY home kits now, I still love that bright blonde mermaidy unkempt look and so get balayage every three months and NEVER cut it.

And so, as hairdressers across London plead with me to let them chop off the straggly bits at the bottom, I stubbornly reply, ‘No thank you. I like the straggly bits.’ The reason that I’m able to say this so confidently and without panic that my split ends will soon transform into split hairs, is a little thing called OGX Anti-breakage Keratin Oil. The best part about this hair care range is that it doesn’t judge me, doesn’t tell me off and doesn’t tut quietly under its breath. What it does do is use keratin proteins to repair my damaged strands, nourishes the lengths and helps to prevent further breakage by increasing the hair’s elasticity. Essentially, it looks at my matted mop and says ‘Don’t worry babes, we got this. You keep doing what you’re doing and we’ll take it from here.’ I wash my hair every other day using the shampoo and conditioner and then spray the Anti-breakage Instant Repair Weightless Oil onto my ends. My hair feels healthy, strong and super duper shiny.

And guess what? They have such a huge range, that now no one will ever be made to feel bad about their hair every again. Have you got curly hair that you struggle to control? Don’t worry, use the OGX Quenching Coconut Curls range and embrace them, not try and flatten them constantly with straighteners. If your hair is flatter than a pancake that’s been steamrolled, avoid chemical treatments and switch up your shampoo and conditioner to OGX’s Bamboo Fiber-Full. It attaches the actual fibers of bamboo to each hair strand, which causes friction making the hair look fuller, thicker and voluminous.

Hairdressers be damned, I don’t want or need a trim, because OGX let’s me be me.

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